Shougang's Iron Earnings Ebb

Shougang Hierro Peru
Shougang Hierro PeruImage Source: Shougang Hierro Peru


Peruvian iron ore producer Shougang Hierro Peru saw a 19.3% drop in net profit in the January-September 2023 period, amounting to $383,224. Sales and operational profits also declined, with the company attributing this to lower iron ore prices.


Shougang Hierro Peru (SHP), a key iron ore producer in Peru, reported a significant dip in its net profit for the first nine months of 2023. The net profit stood at $383,224, a 19.3% decrease compared to the same period last year. The decline has been primarily attributed to lower iron ore prices during this timeframe.

Net sales for the period fell by 6.7% to $1.189 billion, and operational profits saw a drop of 19.5% to $565,810. On the flip side, production costs spiked by 10.6%, hitting $576,693. Gross profit also took a hit, falling by 18.6% to $612,403.

Despite these financial downturns, the company experienced a 7.6% increase in iron ore sales, selling 14.08 million metric tons. It appears that the reduced profit is not due to a lack of sales but rather declining market prices for iron ore.

In an effort to adapt and improve, SHP has made substantial investments in the third quarter of 2023. A total of $153 million was spent on various initiatives including the replacement of equipment, mine development, optimizing production processes, and infrastructure improvements.

The currency conversion rate used for this period was $1 = PEN 3.87 as of October 27, 2023, which serves as a context for the financial numbers reported.

Despite these challenging times, SHP continues to make efforts to improve its operational efficiency and financial standing. The investments made in the third quarter indicate a proactive approach to tackle the current market conditions and potentially set the stage for a more profitable future.


Shougang Hierro Peru faced a tough financial landscape with declining profits and sales in the first nine months of 2023. However, the company is not sitting idle. Its investments in the third quarter show a willingness to adapt and aim for a more stable financial future. While the market conditions are unfavorable, SHP's actions indicate a resilient approach to navigate through these challenges.

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