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Global metal and electronics recycling leader Sims Ltd. claims the top spot on the 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100 index, marking its 10th inclusion. The ranking reflects Sims' commitment to sustainability, recycling approximately 8 million metric tons in 2023, averting 11.6 million metric tons of CO₂ emissions. With a focus on circular metals and materials, Sims sets a benchmark in green practices, achieving 100% renewable electricity use across North America operations.


In a resounding testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability, Sims Ltd., a prominent player in metal and electronics recycling, has emerged as the crowned leader on the esteemed 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100 index. This milestone not only marks Sims' 10th inclusion but also solidifies its position as the paragon of sustainable practices in the corporate landscape.

The previous year saw Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. (now Radius Recycling) reigning supreme on the list. Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based research organization, rigorously assessed 6,720 companies, each boasting revenues exceeding $1 billion, to ascertain their sustainability prowess. This year's leader, Sims Ltd., surpassed its peers, securing the pinnacle of sustainable corporations.

Apart from Sims and Radius (now at No. 36), the 2024 list features other recycling-focused entities, including Finland-based Neste Oyj and Canada-based Cascades Inc. Notably, Sims' ranking is not just an accolade; it symbolizes the company's pivotal role in steering global sustainability.

Stephen Mikkelsen, CEO and managing director of Sims, expresses pride in topping the 2024 Global 100. He emphasizes that this recognition underscores Sims' dedication to sustainability and its crucial role in fostering a greener future through the provision of circular metals and materials worldwide. Mikkelsen affirms, "Supplying products safely and sustainably that help our customers to decarbonize and be more circular is how we advance our purpose-led strategy."

Sims' commitment to global decarbonization materializes through its impressive recycling figures. In the fiscal year 2023 alone, the company recycled around 8 million metric tons of ferrous and nonferrous metal, preventing approximately 11.6 million metric tons of CO₂-equivalent emissions by opting for recycled materials over mined ones.

Internal sustainability targets echo Sims' dedication, with the company achieving 100% renewable electricity use across its North America operated businesses. This landmark underscores Sims' holistic approach to green practices, extending beyond its primary operations to internal energy consumption.

Globally, Sims Ltd. stands as a beacon of sustainable practices, employing over 4,000 individuals and operating in more than 280 facilities across 14 countries. As Sims leads the charge in sustainable recycling, its top ranking on the 2024 Global 100 index sets a precedent for corporate environmental responsibility.


Sims Ltd.'s ascent to the zenith of the 2024 Corporate Knights Global 100 index is not just an accolade; it is a testament to a decade-long commitment to sustainability. As the 10th inclusion marks a pinnacle achievement, Sims stands as a beacon in the corporate landscape, showcasing the transformative power of circular metals and materials. With a focus on decarbonization and circularity, Sims' recycling endeavors in 2023 averted a substantial 11.6 million metric tons of CO₂ emissions. Achieving 100% renewable electricity use internally further cements Sims' position as a trailblazer in green practices, setting a global standard for responsible and sustainable corporate conduct.

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