SMS: ESTRELLA’s Sustainable Rebar Venture

ECOACERO, a subsidiary of ESTRELLA Group, collaborates with SMS group to establish a cutting-edge rebar mill near Santo


ECOACERO, a subsidiary of ESTRELLA Group, collaborates with SMS group to establish a cutting-edge rebar mill near Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This strategic move aims to bolster vertical integration, address local construction demand, and strengthen market presence in the Caribbean and Central America.



ESTRELLA Group's subsidiary, ECOACERO, has initiated a significant development in the construction industry by partnering with SMS group to establish a state-of-the-art rebar mill in the vicinity of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This endeavor reflects a strategic maneuver to fortify vertical integration and expand capabilities within ESTRELLA's conglomerate of companies.

The forthcoming ECOACERO facility represents a pivotal step toward enhancing the local and regional construction sector. This establishment aims to cater to the increasing demands within the construction industry across the local market, the Caribbean, and Central America by offering a diversified and adaptable range of rebar products.

Designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability, the project is outlined in two phases. The first phase involves the integration of a steel production unit, comprising a melt shop equipped with a continuous casting machine, designed to process scrap.

SMS group's extensive involvement encompasses the entire rebar mill's design and the provision of mechanical and electrical equipment. The mill's configuration includes a reheating furnace for billets, feeding into a continuous single-strand rolling mill. Advanced technologies like the MEERdrive® finishing block ensure enhanced efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, emphasizing the plant's eco-friendly approach.

The rolling process incorporates water boxes, enabling improved steel mechanical properties through controlled quenching and self-tempering, thereby reducing reliance on costly alloying elements in the melt shop. SMS automation systems ensure comprehensive control, optimizing production efficiency through the SMS Mercury process optimization system.

The project's second phase introduces a contemporary electric arc furnace (EAF), featuring cutting-edge technology to minimize CO2 emissions and operational costs. Equipped with SMS's latest advancements, the scrap-based EAF streamlines safe and automated operations, focusing on reducing the plant's carbon footprint.

ESTRELLA's commitment to market consolidation in Central America's burgeoning real estate and construction industry remains at the core of this investment. Rebar, an essential construction material, will be a focal point in strengthening ECOACERO's market presence.


ECOACERO's upcoming rebar mill and melt shop signify a significant stride in ESTRELLA's commitment to sustainability and market leadership. This venture, scheduled for commissioning in early 2025, positions ECOACERO as a prominent and technologically advanced steel company in the Caribbean and Central America.

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