SMS-Evaluated Revitalization at El-Marakby Steel

El-Marakby Steel
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In a transformative collaboration, SMS Group partnered with El-Marakby Steel, conducting a thorough evaluation of the melt shop. Completed in November 2023, the assessment aimed at optimizing production processes, leading to a remarkable 10% boost in production. The strategic insights provided by SMS Group included recommendations for operational enhancements, market-adapted strategies, and a targeted investment in scrap preparation equipment, aligning El-Marakby Steel for elevated efficiency and performance.


In the early months of 2023, El-Marakby Steel Company embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with SMS Group to assess and revitalize its melt shop. This partnership was fueled by the shared vision of enhancing production efficiency and performance. By November 2023, the SMS team had completed a comprehensive on-site inspection, delving into meltshop performance data, operational processes, coordination practices, and raw material supply chains.

The evaluation yielded valuable insights, pinpointing specific areas for improvement to augment production capacity. SMS Group, drawing upon its expertise in digitalization, electrics, automation, metallurgy, operations, technology, and consulting, crafted a tailored strategy. This strategy considered the existing state of the plant, market dynamics, optimal raw material utilization, and various operational enhancements.

In response to identified action points, El-Marakby Steel Company made strategic decisions, including an investment in scrap preparation equipment. Recognizing the importance of addressing scrap density, this move aimed at further refining the production process. The collaborative efforts of SMS Group and El-Marakby Steel culminated in a 10% increase in production, exceeding expectations.

Hassan El Marakby, the owner and CEO of El-Marakby Steel, expressed satisfaction with the partnership. He commended SMS Group for not only conducting a meticulous assessment of the melt shop but also for inspiring and training the on-site team toward optimized production processes. The cooperation proved invaluable, solidifying SMS Group as a reliable partner throughout the assessment's preparation, coordination, and execution phases.


The collaboration between SMS Group and El-Marakby Steel has ushered in a new era of efficiency and productivity in the melt shop. The thorough evaluation conducted by SMS Group, completed in November 2023, identified key areas for improvement. The implementation of strategic recommendations, including operational enhancements and an investment in scrap preparation equipment, resulted in a remarkable 10% increase in production. Hassan El Marakby, CEO of El-Marakby Steel, lauds SMS Group for their reliable partnership and the valuable insights that exceeded expectations, setting the stage for continued success in optimized production processes.

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