SMS Group Elevates Kardemir's BF5 with AI

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SMS Group collaborates with Kardemir to digitally transform Blast Furnace 5 at the Karabük plant using Paul Wurth's BFXpert solution. This step enhances control over the metallurgical process, employing artificial intelligence for precise thermal and chemical management. The digitalization ensures energy optimization, marking a significant milestone in their partnership, aiming for an autonomous blast furnace operation.


In a strategic collaboration, Turkish steel producer Kardemir and SMS Group have undertaken a crucial endeavor to digitalize Blast Furnace 5 (BF5) at the Karabük plant. This initiative marks a pivotal step in Türkiye’s oldest blast furnace operator's journey towards modernization and efficiency in steelmaking. The installation of BFXpert, a comprehensive system from Paul Wurth, empowers Kardemir with heightened control and monitoring capabilities across the entire metallurgical process.

BFXpert, an integrated level-2 process control system, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to precisely manage the chemical and thermal aspects of blast furnace operations. This sophisticated system, amalgamating process expertise and cutting-edge technology, is pivotal in advancing blast furnace operation towards autonomy while ensuring safety, eco-friendliness, and economic viability. The successful integration of BFXpert into BF5 showcases its adaptability across various blast furnace designs.

The partnership between SMS Group and Kardemir, solidified by the successful commissioning of BFXpert, signifies a commitment to continuous technological enhancement. The system's implementation in May 2023, marked by the issuance of the final acceptance certificate, underlines their joint dedication to technological progress and operational excellence.

Nicolas Schlesser, Head of Process Automation Metallurgy at SMS Group, expressed pride in collaborating with Kardemir, emphasizing the significance of this achievement in delivering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability in steel production. Sefa Çetinkaya, project manager at Kardemir, highlights their digital roadmap's progression, aiming to further integrate expert systems, the Industrial Internet of Things, and AI into their production technologies.

SMS Group, a stalwart in the metals industry renowned for pioneering technologies, commits its expertise and digital capabilities to drive innovation and sustainability. With a workforce of 14,400 employees, SMS Group remains dedicated to supporting its clients globally, fostering profitable and resource-efficient value chains.


The successful digitalization of Kardemir's BF5 through the BFXpert solution marks a significant milestone in the steel industry's journey towards enhanced efficiency and sustainability. This collaboration between SMS Group and Kardemir showcases a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to elevate steel production towards autonomy and eco-friendly practices.

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