SMS’s TechnoHarmony: Salzgitter's Steel Symphony

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Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH entrusts SMS group with a transformative technology package for its hot strip mill. Integrated with X-Pact® process automation, the mill embraces advanced control systems, including the X-Pact® Integrated Temperature Model. This self-optimizing feature forms a comprehensive temperature model, enhancing product quality and plant productivity. The X-Pact® Centerline Control, utilizing a camera system, ensures stable strip guiding, reducing manual interventions. Salzgitter's pursuit of technical excellence and growth aligns with SMS's commitment to advancing steel production beyond the current state of the art.


In a strategic move towards modernization, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH has enlisted the expertise of SMS group to orchestrate a technological metamorphosis for its hot strip mill in Salzgitter. This endeavor follows a meticulous mechatronic modernization in recent years, propelling Salzgitter into a realm of cutting-edge control systems and process models.

The comprehensive technology package, curated by SMS group, integrates an array of new functions, all harmonized within a sophisticated tool environment operating on advanced automation platforms. At its core lies the X-Pact® Integrated Temperature Model, a self-optimizing process control feature that amalgamates all process steps into a superordinate temperature model. This model not only enhances product quality but also generates insightful recommendations to boost overall plant productivity.

Achim Pekrul, the project manager at Salzgitter, emphasizes the significance of a collaborative partner, stating, "For Salzgitter, it was and continues to be vital to have a partner that not only has impressive technical expertise but also offers us the prospect of advancing together beyond the current state of the art."

The X-Pact® Plant Pacing system accompanies this technological leap, optimizing throughput and productivity across the entire plant. Energy-consumption-oriented operating modes and forward calculation of rolling schedules add layers of efficiency, especially in manufacturing temperature-sensitive steels with improved characteristics.

In addition to the Level 2 automation, SMS group introduces the X-Pact® Centerline Control, incorporating a camera system, the X-Pact® Sense hotCAM. This innovation detects strip flow deviations, calculating correction signals for each mill stand. The result is a significant reduction in manual interventions, mitigating unscheduled downtimes and malfunctions.

The holistic technology package finds completion with the X-Pact® PEAK control concept, a key player in boosting capacity and productivity levels in the rolling mill.


Salzgitter's strategic partnership with SMS group signifies more than a technological upgrade—it's a symphony of progress in the steel industry. The integration of advanced control systems and self-optimizing features heralds a new era for the hot strip mill. As Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH aligns its goals with SMS's commitment to growth and technical excellence, this collaboration paves the way for sustainable, profitable, and self-optimizing plant operations. The steel industry, with each ton produced, steps closer to a harmonious future.

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