Solar Nexus: Bahrain Steel's Power Pact

In December 2023, Bahrain Steel forged a pivotal partnership with the Electricity & Water Authority, initiating a transformative project:
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In December 2023, Bahrain Steel forged a pivotal partnership with the Electricity & Water Authority, initiating a transformative project: the installation of a rooftop solar system. This ambitious endeavor, spanning three phases over three years across seven connection points, aimed to produce 167,000 MWh annually. It epitomized Bahrain Steel's commitment to renewable energy and emission reduction.



December 2023 marked a significant milestone for Bahrain Steel as they inked a transformative Memorandum of Understanding with the esteemed Electricity & Water Authority (EWA). This groundbreaking alliance laid the foundation for a visionary project: the installation of a rooftop solar energy system, positioned as a linchpin in Bahrain Steel's fervent drive to curtail emissions and embrace sustainable energy.

This visionary venture, meticulously delineated in three distinct phases across a triennial span, aimed to extend its reach across seven connection points within Bahrain Steel's infrastructure. The culmination of this strategic initiative was projected to generate an astounding 167,000 MWh of solar energy annually, standing as an awe-inspiring testament to Bahrain Steel's resolute commitment to harnessing renewable resources and championing environmental sustainability.

At the heart of this initiative lies the deployment of astutely engineered smart meters, strategically integrated within Bahrain Steel's operations. Leveraging the Electricity & Water Authority's (EWA) net metering infrastructure, this symbiotic collaboration marked a harmonious stride towards a sustainable future, embracing solar energy as a powerful solution for reducing carbon emissions within the industrial landscape.

This holistic approach to energy generation, underscored by strategic deployment and meticulous planning, speaks volumes about Bahrain Steel's unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship. By aligning their operations with renewable energy sources, Bahrain Steel sets a remarkable precedent in the industrial sector, championing sustainability as a core ethos.


Bahrain Steel's partnership with the Electricity & Water Authority represents a significant leap towards sustainability. The initiative to install a rooftop solar system underscores their commitment to reducing emissions and embracing renewable energy. This strategic alliance, aimed at harnessing solar power, showcases Bahrain Steel's dedication to environmental stewardship and sets a precedent for embracing sustainable practices in the industrial domain.

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