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Gonvarri Solar Steel and Iberdrola are initiating a 41 MWp solar project in Portugal using ArcelorMittal’s innovative low-CO2 steel, Magnelis® XCarb®. This marks the first use of such sustainable steel in Iberia, aligning with the decarbonization goals of all companies involved.


Gonvarri Solar Steel, a distinguished manufacturer in the solar energy sector, has partnered with energy giant Iberdrola to bring an innovative solar project to life in Portugal. This project is set to feature 41 MWp of solar trackers, a technology that optimizes the harvesting of solar energy, and will be located in Carregado, Lisbon.

What sets this project apart is its pioneering use of Magnelis® XCarb® recycled steel from ArcelorMittal. This steel is produced through an eco-friendly process that significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The 211.79 metric tons of steel required for the solar trackers are produced using a high percentage of scrap material and electrical energy sourced entirely from renewable means.

The utilization of Magnelis® XCarb® steel aligns with the ambitious decarbonization commitments of Gonvarri Industries, Iberdrola, and ArcelorMittal. By incorporating this low-emission steel, the solar project in Portugal becomes a landmark initiative in the Iberian Peninsula, showcasing how industrial collaboration can lead to sustainable innovation.

The solar project will comprise 915 single- and double-row solar trackers, which will play a crucial role in the photovoltaic power generation. This innovative approach to materials and energy production is a testament to the shared vision of Gonvarri Solar Steel, Iberdrola, and ArcelorMittal to spearhead the transition to a cleaner, emission-free world.

The collaboration among these industry leaders combines their expertise, resources, and commitment to sustainability. By setting a precedent with this project, they are opening the door for future high-performance, eco-conscious initiatives.


The collaboration between Gonvarri Solar Steel, Iberdrola, and ArcelorMittal in Portugal represents a significant step forward in sustainable energy production. By employing Magnelis® XCarb® steel in their solar trackers, they are not only contributing to the renewable energy landscape but are also exemplifying the role of innovative materials in achieving a greener future. This project is poised to become a benchmark for ecological industrial practices in the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

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