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Solar Steel seals a deal with Smart Solar Technologies for a 90 MW solar tracker project, "Deski," in Turkey's Denizli province. This project, employing 3,495 TracSmarT+ 1V solar trackers, signifies a major leap in sustainable energy growth, affirming Solar Steel's commitment as a trusted partner in Turkey's solar sector development.


In a momentous stride towards sustainable energy, Solar Steel proudly announces the signing of a pivotal 90 MW solar tracker project, "Deski," in collaboration with Smart Solar Technologies in Turkey's Denizli province. This landmark project solidifies both companies' dedication to fostering sustainable solar energy initiatives within the nation.

The Deski venture involves the deployment of 3,495 cutting-edge TracSmarT+ 1V single-row solar trackers, accommodating a colossal 160,000+ solar modules. This milestone represents a substantial boost to Turkey's solar sector, reinforcing Solar Steel's position as a steadfast and reliable partner committed to Turkey's renewable energy landscape.

Turkey holds paramount importance for Solar Steel, evident through its manufacturing center, Çepas Gonvarri Industries, facilitating local production of structures for over 55 solar energy projects. This project further cements Solar Steel's integral role in bolstering Turkey's solar energy ambitions.

Embodying its mission of providing innovative and sustainable solar solutions globally, Solar Steel's collaboration on the Deski project underscores its relentless pursuit of a cleaner, eco-friendly future.


Solar Steel's collaboration with Smart Solar Technologies in the "Deski" project marks a significant stride in Turkey's solar energy growth trajectory. This partnership reaffirms Solar Steel's commitment to pioneering sustainable energy solutions and amplifies its pivotal role in fostering a greener future for the country.

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