Spain High Court Approves Extradition of AHMSA Chainrman Mr Ancira

Spain High Court Approves Extradition of AHMSA Chainrman Mr Ancira

Reuters reported that Spain’s high court has rejected an appeal lodged by the Mr Alonso Ancira, chairman of the board of a leading Mexican steelmaker Altos

Hornos de Mexico and ordered his extradition to his home country where he faces corruption charges. The Spanish court ruled that the charges filed in Mexico against Mr Ancira are also punished in Spain and rejected his claim that he was the victim of political persecution.

Mr Ancira was detained in Spain by Interpol in 2019 during a push by the Mexican government to investigate alleged acts of corruption linked to Mexican state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos and its former boss. The steel magnate had been accused of involvement in a series of crimes that gravely hurt the Mexican oil giant, popularly known as Pemex. In 2014, AHMSA sold an out-of-service fertilizer plant to Pemex for about USD 475 million while Emilio Lozoya was the government-run firm’s chief executive. The investigation into Lozoya centers on money transfers that AHMSA made to a shell company allegedly set up by Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht to pay bribes. That shell firm in turn allegedly sent the funds to Lozoya and some of his relatives.

AHMSA said it supports Mr Ancira with the absolute certainty that he is innocent of the charge of carrying out business with funds of illicit origin.

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