SSAB: Robust Cash Flow Amid European Stagnation

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SSAB, a key player in the steel industry, reported a decline in its operating result for Q3 2023 compared to the same period last year. While the demand in Europe remains sluggish, the company continues to generate strong cash flow. Despite downturns, SSAB continues its transformation to fossil-free steel, echoing its commitment to sustainability.


In the third quarter of 2023, SSAB's operating result fell to $4,371 million, a drop from last year's $6,594 million. The slump was primarily due to weaker markets for its European and construction segments. Despite these challenges, the company maintains a healthy net cash position of $16.8 billion, showcasing its robust cash flow.

SSAB Special Steels generated an operating result of $1,808 million with an operating margin of 23%. The Americas' division had an operating result of $2,653 million, maintaining an operating margin of 35%. On the other hand, SSAB Europe lagged behind, with an operating result of $254 million and an operating margin of just 2%.

The company is not idle amidst market challenges. Measures are in place to cut costs, including both temporary and permanent layoffs and a tighter grip on fixed costs. An estimated $500 million in cost reductions are planned, of which around $200 million are considered structural changes.

SSAB’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its ongoing transformation to produce fossil-free steel. The safety performance of the company also showed improvement, with Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) decreasing to 0.94 from last year's 1.15.

SSAB continues to navigate legal requirements in its transformation journey. Most recently, approval was granted for two new 130 kV cables to SSAB in Oxelösund by the Land and Environment Court, although this decision can be appealed.

Sales of SSAB Zero, a steel variant with zero scope 1 and 2 emissions, are developing according to plan, signifying a keen interest from various market segments.

While the European market remains weak, the heavy plate market in North America showed more stability during this quarter, signaling some geographical variance in the industry’s performance.


Despite market slowdowns and operational challenges, SSAB remains resilient. It continues to focus on robust cash flows and operational efficiency while committing to sustainability and safety. This resilience is paving the way for SSAB to maintain a significant role in the steel industry's future.

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