STARQ® Sparks Green Revolution in Steel Production

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In a pivotal move towards carbon neutrality, Daido Special Steel secures a contract from JFE Steel for the cutting-edge STARQ® electric furnace. Designed to reduce CO₂ emissions in stainless steel manufacturing, STARQ® boasts a decade of operational success and high-performance CO₂ reduction. The 70 metric ton capacity furnace aligns with Daido's commitment to expanding eco-friendly industrial products, targeting a threefold increase in the Mechanical Division's revenue by 2030.


Daido Special Steel, under President Tetsuya Shimizu, clinches a milestone contract with JFE Steel for the cutting-edge electric furnace, STARQ®. This strategic move aims to contribute significantly to CO₂ emission reduction in stainless steel production at JFE Steel's East Japan Ironworks (Chiba District) plant.

The backdrop is the escalating global need for CO₂ reduction, intensified by the Japanese government's 2030 Greenhouse Gas reduction goals and the vision for carbon neutrality by 2050. JFE Steel, operating in the Chiba District, employs a steelmaking process utilizing materials like molten iron, in-house scrap, chrome ore, and chrome-containing dust. To enhance CO₂ reduction in this process, an effective increase in scrap utilization is identified, leading to the decision to introduce electric furnaces. Daido Special Steel positions climate change response as a top managerial priority, focusing on enhancing the energy efficiency of industrial furnaces in the Mechanical Division. The result is the development of the STARQ® electric furnace, utilizing a rotating body to efficiently melt materials like scrap, demonstrated in the first unit introduced at the Chita Plant in 2013. Further, in December 2020, the furnace gets registered in the "Challenge Zero" initiative, signaling its commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions across the entire steel industry.

In response to JFE Steel's electric furnace adoption plan, Daido Special Steel proposes STARQ®, an electric furnace ideal for manufacturing high-grade steel like stainless steel. The proposal stands out due to STARQ®'s optimal alignment with both production capacity and space constraints, alongside Daido's robust decade-long operational track record and impressive CO₂ reduction performance. The acceptance of this proposal results in the recent contract win.

The furnace, branded as STARQ®, boasts a capacity of 70 metric ton per charge, with a planned melting capacity of approximately 300,000 metric tons per year. Scheduled for operation in the latter half of the fiscal year 2025, the furnace anticipates a maximum CO2 emission reduction of about 450,000 metric tons per year.

Daido Special Steel aligns with the societal goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Their strategy involves expanding the sales of industrial furnaces with energy-saving and CO₂ emission reduction capabilities, targeting a threefold increase in the Mechanical Division's revenue to $300 million by the fiscal year 2030.

Leveraging decades of experience as a specialty steel manufacturer and an engineering powerhouse, Daido Special Steel envisions contributing to the realization of a low-carbon and circular society. Their goal is to lead in creating a sustainable and livable society for everyone.


In a significant stride towards environmental responsibility, Daido Special Steel secures a contract from JFE Steel to supply the cutting-edge STARQ® electric furnace. This move is geared towards reducing CO₂ emissions in the stainless steel production process. STARQ® stands out for its efficiency, with a rotating body enabling optimal material melting. Daido's commitment to climate change response is evident in their decade-long efforts, culminating in the successful registration of STARQ® in the "Challenge Zero" initiative. The recent contract win aligns with Daido's vision for a carbon-neutral future, aiming for a threefold revenue increase in the Mechanical Division by 2030.

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