Steel Frames Rise in UK: New Mast Service Milestone

Steel Frames
Steel FramesImage Source: British Steel


British Steel achieves a pivotal point as steel frames are set up for the £26-million mast service center at Skinningrove. This milestone marks progress toward global leadership in supplying steel for forklift truck masts. Scheduled for early next year, the center will revolutionize operations, enhancing efficiency and expanding the range of profiles for the forklift industry.


British Steel has reached a significant stage in the development of its mast service center at Skinningrove. The erection of steel frames, crafted at the Teesside Beam Mill, signifies a critical juncture in a £26-million project. Stuart Webster, the Project Manager, highlighted this momentous step, emphasizing the completion of steel erection and the impending stages in the project.

Once completed, this center will house essential facilities, including a mill guide, roll workshop, mast processing unit, warehouse extension, and a two-story office block. Automation will drive its operations, incorporating cutting-edge machinery such as milling units, saw lines, and roll turning lathes. The project foresees not only an increase in output capacity but also a streamlined supply chain, ensuring quicker and more efficient service to customers.

This initiative by British Steel is poised to elevate its role as a global leader in supplying steel for forklift truck masts. The imminent opening of the service center, scheduled for early next year, promises a host of advancements in manufacturing and processing value-added profiles for the forklift industry.

As British Steel continues to make strides in its innovation and expansion, this project stands as a testament to their commitment to technological advancement and industry leadership.


British Steel's erection of steel frames for the mast service center signifies a significant leap forward in their commitment to revolutionizing the steel industry. Scheduled for completion early next year, this initiative promises enhanced efficiency, expanded capabilities, and a global leadership position in supplying steel for forklift truck masts.

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