Steel Pipes: JFE Steel’s EcoLeaf Triumph

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JFE Steel Corporation garnered EcoLeaf certification from Japan's SuMPO for three steel product categories, ensuring objective evaluation of their environmental impact. Compliant with ISO standards, the certification allows customers to assess lifecycle environmental effects. This move aligns with JFE's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, offering eco-friendly products with superior recyclability and lower manufacturing environmental impact.


JFE Steel Corporation proudly unveils its recent accolade – EcoLeaf certification – bestowed upon three of its steel product categories. The certification, endorsed by Japan's Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO), empowers customers with the ability to objectively scrutinize the environmental impact of these products throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to recycling.

This certification, adhering to the stringent ISO 14025:2006 standard, provides a transparent view of the environmental footprint these steel products leave behind. The certified categories encompass High Frequency Welded/Butt Welded Pipe, Seamless(OCTG) and Linepipe, Piping & Structures, and BSH325 seamless rectangular steel pipe for structural framing, catering to diverse sectors from oil and gas exploration to automobile manufacturing.

Facilitating this evaluation is the Product Category Rule (PCR1) established by the Japan Iron and Steel Federation, ratified in August 2019. This rule aligns with ISO 20915 and JIS Q 20915, factors recycling capacity into the quantitative assessment of environmental impact.

JFE Steel's pursuit of EcoLeaf certification aligns seamlessly with its parent company JFE's ambitious Environmental Vision for 2050, aiming for carbon neutrality. As part of this commitment, JFE Steel endeavors not only to diminish its own CO2 emissions but also to supply top-tier, eco-friendly steel products. These products boast exceptional recyclability and significantly reduced per-unit environmental impact during manufacturing compared to alternative materials.


JFE Steel's attainment of EcoLeaf certification represents a significant stride toward environmental accountability and sustainability in the steel industry. This milestone not only empowers consumers to make informed choices but also underscores JFE's unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness. As the company charts its course toward carbon neutrality by 2050, their dedication to providing high-quality, eco-friendly steel products with superior recyclability reaffirms their role in shaping a more sustainable world.

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