Steel Price Dilemma: Egypt Contemplates Duty Shift

EgyptImage Source: Oreaco


Facing surging rebar steel prices reaching EGP 50,000 per metric ton, Egypt explores lifting dumping duties on imports. Trade Minister Ahmed Samir forms a committee to assess the impact, aiming to aid real estate amid rising costs while safeguarding local steel firms. The decision, if enacted, seeks to stabilize prices, emphasizing a delicate balance between industry support and market equilibrium. Collaborating with the Central Bank, the government aims to align industrial production needs with strategic goals for economic resilience.


The Egyptian government grapples with the repercussions of soaring rebar steel prices, which have reached an unprecedented EGP 50,000 per metric ton. This alarming surge prompts Trade and Industry Minister Ahmed Samir to consider a strategic move – the potential elimination of dumping duties on rebar steel imports.

To navigate this complex decision, Minister Samir announces the creation of a dedicated committee within the trade ministry. The committee's mandate is to conduct a thorough assessment of the proposed elimination of dumping duties. The overarching goal is to provide relief to real estate firms and developers while safeguarding the interests of local rebar steel producers.

The proposed removal of dumping duties is seen as a critical intervention to restore rebar steel prices to more sustainable levels. Minister Samir underscores the government's commitment to striking a delicate balance, addressing the needs of real estate developers without compromising the stability of the local rebar steel industry.

Simultaneously, the trade ministry collaborates with the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to categorize industrial production requirements as strategic commodities. This joint effort aligns with Egypt's broader economic objectives for the year, emphasizing the importance of bolstering exports to secure vital foreign currency reserves.


The Egyptian government's contemplation of removing dumping duties on rebar steel imports reflects a proactive stance in addressing the challenges posed by escalating steel prices. The emphasis on striking a careful balance between supporting real estate development needs and safeguarding local industry interests underscores the complexity of the decision. The collaborative efforts between the trade ministry and the Central Bank of Egypt exemplify a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing industrial production and contributing to the nation's economic resilience.

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