Steel Renaissance: Italy's Bold Resurgence

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Italy has inked a transformative pact with Danieli and Ukraine's Metinvest to revive the Piombino steel-making site in Tuscany, reports Reuters. The collaboration, aiming for a steel production cycle focused on track manufacturing, counters Metinvest's losses from the war with Russia. The investment plan targets a 3 million metric tons steel capacity, aligning with Italy's green transition goals. The agreement, once operational, is set to employ 1,500 people directly and in related industries, marking a crucial step in Italy's national steel plan.


In a pivotal move, the Italian government has sealed a deal with domestic machine-maker Danieli and Ukraine's Metinvest to rejuvenate the Piombino steel-making site in Tuscany. This strategic collaboration signifies a significant step towards Italy's resurgence in the steel industry.

The pact, also involving negotiations with JSW Group for expanded production in Piombino, positions the city as a focal point for steel production, particularly in track manufacturing. With the combined efforts of Ukrainian and Indian groups, the government envisages a steel production cycle that not only revitalizes Piombino but also contributes to Italy's broader green transition objectives.

Metinvest, Ukraine's largest steelmaker, seeks overseas production sites to offset losses incurred during the war with Russia. The investment plan outlined in the agreement targets a robust steel capacity of around 3 million metric tons, reflecting a commitment to Italy's sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives.

Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Metinvest's chief executive, emphasized the significance of the investment plan, stating it aligns with Italy's green transition objectives. The fully operational project, involving Metinvest and its partners, is poised to employ approximately 1,500 people directly and in related industries, according to Industry Minister Adolfo Urso.

Urso hailed the agreement as a crucial step in boosting the Piombino site, underscoring its central role in Italy's national steel plan. The collaboration not only addresses economic considerations but also aligns with Italy's commitment to environmental sustainability.


The recently sealed agreement between Italy, Danieli, and Metinvest marks a pivotal moment in the nation's steel industry. The revival of the Piombino steel-making site stands as a testament to Italy's determination for economic resurgence and commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. With a focus on track manufacturing and a targeted steel capacity of 3 million metric tons, the collaboration is set to provide employment for 1,500 individuals, contributing significantly to Italy's national steel plan. As Italy navigates challenges in the steel sector, this agreement signals a promising step towards a vibrant and eco-conscious future.

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