Steel Revival: Unite's Royal Appeal

KingImage Source: BBC


Unite union has urged for the inclusion of a steel plan in the King's Speech, focusing on public ownership, worker protection, and an end to energy exploitation. They seek a legislative agenda that prioritizes workers' rights and secure national assets like steel-making.


Unite, a prominent union, has requested the King's Speech to feature a comprehensive plan for the steel industry, robust employment rights, and solutions to energy sector issues. This appeal comes ahead of the final legislative program before the next general election.

The union advocates for a "positive program" emphasizing public ownership. They emphasize the need for a thorough employment bill to safeguard workers from exploitation, reflecting their commitment to worker welfare.

General Secretary Sharon Graham emphasizes the current government's responsibility towards workers and communities. Unite's proposal includes legislation to protect workers from unfair practices like AI-driven layoffs and fire-and-rehire tactics, and to amplify workers' voices through collective bargaining.

Additionally, Unite stresses the importance of public ownership in preserving vital national assets like steel-making and curbing the unchecked greed in the energy sector.

Graham envisions the King's Speech as a manifesto for everyday people, highlighting the need for government action that resonates with the working class.


Unite's plea in the King's Speech reflects a call for stronger worker protections, public ownership of key sectors like steel, and a halt to energy exploitation. It underscores the union's commitment to advocating for the rights and interests of workers.

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