Steel Shift: ArcelorMittal Completes Temirtau Handover

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ArcelorMittal finalizes the sale of ArcelorMittal Temirtau, its Kazakh steel and mining unit, to Qazaqstan Investment Corporation for $986 million. The transaction, culminating after discussions with the Kazakh government, includes considerations, loan repayments, and a sovereign-fund guaranteed payment. The handover is complemented by a $35 million donation to the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Foundation, emphasizing ArcelorMittal's commitment to local healthcare and education initiatives.


In a strategic move, ArcelorMittal has successfully concluded the sale of its Kazakh steel and mining entity, ArcelorMittal Temirtau, marking a significant shift in its operational landscape. The acquisition, orchestrated by the Qazaqstan Investment Corporation (QIC), a state-controlled direct investment fund, underscores the evolving dynamics of the steel industry.

Months of deliberations between ArcelorMittal and the Government of Kazakhstan have culminated in a sustainable roadmap for the integrated steelmaking asset situated in the Karaganda region. The deal, valued at $986 million, comprises considerations, debt repayments, and a sovereign-fund guaranteed payment structure.

On the closure of the transaction, ArcelorMittal receives $286 million in consideration, along with a repayment of $250 million for outstanding intra-group dues. Additionally, a sovereign-fund guaranteed payment of $450 million, distributed in four equal annual instalments, serves as a repayment for an intra-group loan. This financial arrangement emphasizes the collaborative efforts between the private sector and state-controlled entities.

The transfer of ArcelorMittal Temirtau assets to QIC occurs on an 'as is' operational basis, signifying a seamless transition in control and accountability. As part of this strategic realignment, QIC will rename the operations, infusing a new identity into the steel and mining venture.

Beyond the financial transactions, ArcelorMittal demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility with a noteworthy donation. A sum of approximately $35 million has been contributed to the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Foundation, focusing on healthcare and education projects in the Karaganda region. This philanthropic gesture underscores the company's dedication to fostering community well-being in tandem with its operational adjustments.


In conclusion, ArcelorMittal's completion of the ArcelorMittal Temirtau sale signifies a pivotal moment in the company's strategic trajectory. The collaboration with Qazaqstan Investment Corporation and the Government of Kazakhstan highlights the commitment to mutually beneficial outcomes. As the reins of Temirtau operations pass to QIC, a new chapter begins. Simultaneously, ArcelorMittal's substantial donation to the Kazakhstan Khalkyna Foundation showcases a dedication to community development, aligning with its ethos of responsible corporate citizenship.

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