Steel Soars Beyond EU's Recycling Goals

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Recent findings revealed by APEAL confirm that steel packaging in Europe has already surpassed the EU's 2025 recycling rate target, a remarkable achievement accomplished four years ahead of schedule.


APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, unveiled groundbreaking data showcasing that steel packaging in Europe has outperformed the EU's anticipated recycling rate for 2025. Steve Claus, APEAL's Secretary General, hailed this revelation, emphasizing steel's position as the foremost recycled sales packaging material across Europe.

He emphasized the distinction in these figures, being based on the actual recycling of steel packaging, not just its collection, marking a crucial difference from previous assessments. This achievement stems from a harmonized approach to calculating recycling rates introduced within the EU. Previously disparate methods used by member states skewed rates and obscured challenges related to multi-material packaging.

The introduction of this new methodology, centering on the amount of material genuinely recycled, signals a significant stride toward accuracy and transparency in the packaging industry across Europe. While many member states have adopted this method, some continue to transition from previous regulations.

APEAL proudly aligns its figures with the EU's progressive approach, showcasing that 78.5% of steel packaging was genuinely recycled in 2021, exceeding the EU's 2025 target of 70%.

Steve Claus highlighted steel's intrinsic properties, making it effortlessly retrievable from waste streams and endlessly recyclable without compromising quality. This success reinforces steel's alignment with the EU's circular economy aspirations.


Steel packaging's exceptional performance in surpassing recycling targets showcases its resilience and commitment to sustainability. With a solid track record and intrinsic recyclability, steel continues to champion the cause of a circular economy, embodying the ideals of resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

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