Steel Strides: Algoma’s Resilience Amidst Incident

Algoma Steel
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Algoma Steel Group Inc. updates on the recent coke-making plant incident, assuring containment of water-related environmental release. With minimal impact on the adjacent waterway, the company engages in repair planning and resumes limited coke production. Blast Furnace operations temporarily halted for safety reasons are set to restart within two weeks, with potential shipment impacts. While unaffected operations continue, Algoma prioritizes safety, engages regulatory authorities, and assesses the incident's overall operational impact.


Algoma Steel, a prominent Canadian steel producer, provides a comprehensive update following the recent incident at its coke-making plant. The incident involved the collapse of a structure supporting utilities piping, prompting a swift response from the company.

Algoma assures stakeholders that the water-related environmental release resulting from the incident was fully contained by the evening of January 20. Most effluent was contained on-site, minimizing the risk of impact on the adjacent waterway. The company remains in close communication with regulatory authorities, union leaders, and local stakeholders, including Indigenous communities.

A meticulous repair plan for the coke-making plant is underway, guided by third-party engineering support and aligned with Algoma's Environmental Compliance Approval. Limited production has resumed at the three coke-production units as the company actively assesses coke-making capacity.

In the aftermath of the coke-making incident, safety precautions led to the temporary suspension of Blast Furnace operations. Unexpected consequences related to utilities prompted the offline status of the Blast Furnace. Algoma is diligently working to restart the furnace, aiming for resumption within two weeks. Anticipated impacts on shipments will depend on the timeline for Blast Furnace operations to resume.

Despite challenges, Algoma reports that its combined plate/strip mill and cold mill operations remain unaffected by the incident. Additionally, the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) construction continues as planned. Algoma is confident in sourcing adequate coke from third-party suppliers to supplement on-site coke production and inventory.

Emphasizing a commitment to safety, Algoma has engaged relevant insurance providers, prioritizing employee and community well-being. Continuous assessments and expedited repairs aim to restore normal operations swiftly.


Algoma's proactive approach, swift containment measures, and ongoing efforts to resume operations reflect resilience in the face of adversity. The company's commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and stakeholder engagement positions it for a robust recovery, mitigating potential impacts on production and shipments.

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