Steel Strongholds: Metinvest's Defense Frontier

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Metinvest's COO, Oleksandr Myronenko, unveils the construction of 35 military strongholds with plans for 90 more, emphasizing their role in safeguarding Ukraine's front lines. These innovative steel bunkers, designed for continuous command operations, boast amenities such as communication networks, surveillance capabilities, and comfortable living conditions. Myronenko discusses the challenges and safety measures involved in their production, highlighting the shelters' protection against artillery. Metinvest's commitment to defense extends to demining initiatives and evolving projects like shelters for drone operators and stabilization medical centers.


In a strategic move to fortify Ukraine's defense, Metinvest Group, led by COO Oleksandr Myronenko, has played a pivotal role in the construction of 35 military strongholds, with plans for an additional 90. These steel bunkers, crafted under Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front, are designed not only for defensive purposes but also to facilitate continuous command and control operations near the front lines.

Myronenko sheds light on the unique features of these bunkers, describing them as more than mere hideouts. As part of a broader fortification program, Metinvest has actively contributed to the development of the second and third lines of defense. Over 330 steel shelters have already been delivered to the army, providing reliable protection against artillery hits up to 152 caliber.

The conversation delves into the meticulous design process, incorporating the needs and wishes of the military command. Myronenko emphasizes the importance of continuous communication within the bunkers, facilitated by internet connectivity, telephone communication, and advanced surveillance systems. The bunkers also house facilities for monitoring real-time situations on the contact line, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the battlefield.

Additionally, the steel bunkers prioritize the well-being of military personnel, offering multiple operating rooms for command control, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, and essential amenities like showers and toilets. Myronenko underscores the significance of safety measures, explaining the electrification, heating, and ventilation systems integrated into these underground structures.

The installation process, primarily conducted at night due to security concerns, involves burying the substantial bunkers, each with a diameter of almost 2.5 meters and a length of 6 meters. Myronenko details the collaboration with the military, where they prepare the infrastructure, and Metinvest specialists install and assist in the arrangement.

Regarding feedback, Myronenko shares both positive responses and constructive criticism. The military appreciates the comfort and functionality but suggests improvements for added convenience. This feedback loop proves crucial for enhancing the bunkers' design and ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the armed forces.

Looking ahead, Myronenko discusses the ongoing production of 5-6 additional command posts, responding to requests from different brigades. He anticipates increased demand as more command posts are set up, emphasizing the need for additional personnel to meet production requirements.

Despite challenges related to workforce reservation and capacity limitations, Myronenko expresses Metinvest's willingness to expand production. The company actively collaborates with government authorities to address these issues, seeking ways to secure more personnel and enhance production volumes.

The article concludes by highlighting that these steel bunkers represent just one facet of Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front initiative. Metinvest is actively involved in demining territories, providing shelters, and exploring new projects, including shelters for drone operators and stabilization medical centers. The commitment to innovation and adaptability underscores Metinvest's dedication to supporting Ukraine's defense efforts.


Metinvest's contribution to fortifying Ukraine's defense through the construction of innovative steel bunkers exemplifies a commitment to excellence and adaptability. As the project evolves, the company actively seeks feedback and embraces constructive criticism to continually enhance its products. The broader initiatives within Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front, including demining efforts and upcoming projects for drone operators and medical centers, showcase a multifaceted approach to supporting the country's defense needs.

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