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Steel Sustainability
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Rajiv Mangal, Tata Steel's VP, delves into steel industry sustainability, spotlighting initiatives like Project Aalingana and their NET Zero Target of 2025. Discussing broader sustainability practices within Tata Group, Mangal emphasizes holistic lifecycle assessment, technology, environment, society, and costs at the recent SUSCON X, an international sustainability conference.


In a significant forum on sustainability, Rajiv Mangal, Vice President of Safety, Health & Sustainability at Tata Steel, shed light on the broader landscape of sustainable practices within Tata Group. This discussion unfolded at the 10th International Conference on Sustainability, SUSCON X, held by IIM Shillong, drawing the participation of 120 global delegates.

The conference provided a platform to explore Tata Group's sustainability initiatives like Project Aalingana and its ambitious NET Zero Target set for 2025. Mangal's discourse extended beyond Tata's specific initiatives, emphasizing the critical need for a holistic lifecycle assessment in the steel industry.

Mangal's address at SUSCON X underscored the multidimensional approach necessary for sustainability. He articulated the vital components of environment, technology, society, and costing within the lifecycle assessment paradigm.

The Tata Steel VP's insights illuminated the intricate interplay between technological advancements, societal impacts, environmental considerations, and financial assessments in the steel industry's sustainability journey. This comprehensive outlook aims to address and integrate various facets essential for a sustainable steel ecosystem.

The conference's collaboration with Clark University as a Knowledge Partner further enriched the intellectual discourse. The forum facilitated a comprehensive understanding of evolving trends, determinants, and outcomes associated with the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) concept.


Rajiv Mangal's discourse at SUSCON X encapsulated Tata Group's commitment to sustainability, emphasizing a holistic lifecycle assessment within the steel industry. This insightful exploration, shared among global stakeholders, illuminates the imperative for a multifaceted approach encompassing technology, environment, society, and costing to drive sustainable practices in steel manufacturing.

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