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HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel, a prominent player in the steel industry, adapts to global weak demand by operating a single blast furnace. Executive Director Vladan Mihailovic reveals readiness to reignite the idled furnace if market dynamics shift. Last year, the company produced over 1.1 million metric tons of slab, with 35% sold domestically and exports reaching Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, and France. Mihailovic outlines future plans, including environmental initiatives like a protective wall for emissions reduction and the construction of converter No. 4.


In the intricate dance of global steel demand, HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel takes strategic steps to navigate challenges. Speaking with Serbian state-owned broadcaster RTS, Vladan Mihailovic, the executive director of operations, sheds light on the company's current stance and future plans.

Adapting to the prevailing global scenario of weak demand, HBIS Serbia has opted to operate with a single blast furnace. Mihailovic highlights the company's flexibility, expressing readiness to restart blast furnace No. 1, which had been idled in mid-2023 due to market conditions. This strategic move underscores the company's agility in responding to shifts in the steel market and meeting customer needs.

In the backdrop of these strategic decisions, Mihailovic provides insights into HBIS Serbia's production figures from the past year. The company successfully produced slightly over 1.1 million metric tons of slab. A notable aspect is the distribution of products, with 35% being catered to the domestic market, showcasing a commitment to local needs.

Internationally, HBIS Serbia exports approximately 10% of its production to former Yugoslav countries, demonstrating regional collaboration. The remaining exports find their way to prominent European destinations, including Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, and France. This diversified approach helps the company navigate market complexities and ensures a broad market presence.

In March of the preceding year, HBIS Serbia embarked on an innovative venture by launching a new sinter plant. This cutting-edge facility utilizes blast furnace gas exclusively, eschewing natural gas. Moreover, it incorporates state-of-the-art gas purification facilities, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Looking ahead, Mihailovic outlines the company's commitment to further environmental initiatives, such as constructing a protective wall around the open raw material storage facility. This move aims to reduce emissions from iron ore fines during unloading, showcasing HBIS Serbia's dedication to responsible and eco-friendly steel production.

The strategic roadmap extends further into the future with the planned construction of converter No. 4. This expansion signifies the company's vision for growth and innovation, reinforcing its position as a key player in the steel industry.


In conclusion, HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel's strategic maneuvers in response to global market dynamics reflect the company's resilience and adaptability. The decision to operate with a single blast furnace, coupled with the readiness to reignite idled capacity when needed, showcases a nuanced understanding of the ever-evolving steel landscape. The production figures from the past year underline a balanced approach, with significant portions serving both domestic and international markets. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and ongoing expansion plans, HBIS Serbia remains a stalwart force in shaping the future of the steel industry.

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