Steel Symphony: Tata's 3QFY2024 Performance

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Tata Steel's 3QFY2024 report reveals robust production and delivery volumes, with notable increases in India's crude steel production and deliveries. The 'Automotive & Special Products' segment showed an 8% QoQ and 22% YoY surge, reflecting the strength in domestic steel demand. Tata Steel Aashiyana, an e-commerce platform, reported a significant 38% YoY revenue increase in 3QFY24.


Tata Steel, a stalwart in the steel industry, showcased commendable performance in its 3QFY2024 report. The company reported a substantial 6% QoQ and YoY increase in crude steel production in India, reaching an impressive 5.32 million metric tons. Furthermore, the 9MFY24 period witnessed a 4% YoY surge in crude steel production, signaling sustained growth.

In terms of deliveries, Tata Steel India achieved its 'best ever 3Q' sales with 4.88 million metric tons. This notable achievement was predominantly fueled by a robust domestic market, witnessing a 3% QoQ and a remarkable 10% YoY increase. The report highlights Tata Steel India's resilient response to the continued strength in India's steel demand.

Delving into specific segments, the 'Automotive & Special Products' segment emerged as a star performer, exhibiting an 8% QoQ and an impressive 22% YoY growth. Despite a marginal decline in vehicle production, this segment demonstrated resilience, securing the "GreenPro Ecolabel" certification for its automotive flat steel products.

The 'Branded Products & Retail' segment maintained stability QoQ but witnessed an 11% YoY upswing. This growth was driven by the best-ever 3Q sales of well-established brands such as Tata Tiscon, Tata Steelium, and Tata Astrum. Tata Tiscon, in particular, reported a remarkable 10% QoQ and an 18% YoY volume increase during the quarter.

In the 'Industrial Products & Projects' segment, deliveries grew by around 5% QoQ and 6% YoY, with the engineering sub-segment achieving its best-ever quarterly sales. Additionally, revenues from Tata Steel Aashiyana, an e-commerce platform for Individual Home Builders, soared to Rs. 572 crores in 3QFY24, marking a substantial 38% YoY surge.

Tata Steel Netherlands reported liquid steel production of 1.17 million metric tons, with deliveries reaching 1.29 million metric tons, indicating a commendable 5% QoQ increase. However, on a YoY basis, both production and deliveries recorded a dip due to the relining of one of the blast furnaces.

Tata Steel UK faced marginal challenges in 3QFY24, with liquid steel production standing at 0.73 million metric tons—marginally lower on a QoQ basis due to operational issues. Deliveries also dipped to 0.63 million metric tons, reflecting subdued demand dynamics on both QoQ and YoY fronts.


In conclusion, Tata Steel's 3QFY2024 performance demonstrates resilience and growth. Robust production and deliveries, particularly in the domestic market, reflect Tata Steel's adept response to evolving demand dynamics. Specific segments like 'Automotive & Special Products' and the success of Tata Steel Aashiyana contribute to the overall positive trajectory.

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