Steel's Green Future: A Podcast Exploration

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The latest episode of Tata Steel UK's "SteelCast" podcast delves into the importance of decarbonizing the steel industry. Michael Lord, the Climate Change Committee’s Senior Analyst for Industrial Decarbonisation, discusses the challenges, technology options, and legislative support needed to move towards a green future for steel.


Tata Steel UK's podcast series, "SteelCast," consistently explores critical issues concerning the decarbonization of the UK steel industry. The 26th episode featured Michael Lord, a senior analyst at the Climate Change Committee, who spoke about the committee's role and the prospects for making UK steel more sustainable.

The steel industry faces significant challenges when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint. However, these challenges also present opportunities for technological innovation. Tata Steel is actively involved in the conversation, often inviting industry experts, customers, academics, and politicians to share their views on the podcast.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices. This consumer demand is driving the market for green steel. According to the discussions in the podcast, legislative changes can further enhance this trend and make green steel more accessible.

A range of technologies is available to help decarbonize the steel industry, from hydrogen-based methods to carbon capture. Lord emphasizes the importance of a multi-pronged approach, supported by effective legislation to make these technologies viable.

During their visit to Port Talbot steel plant, the Climate Change Committee was impressed by the scale and science behind steel manufacturing. Host Tim Rutter noted that this kind of interaction helps in understanding the industry's challenges better and offers valuable perspectives on future directions.

Michael Lord elaborated on the Climate Change Committee’s remit and priorities during the podcast. He stressed the need for a holistic approach that considers all aspects of the industry, from technology to legislation and consumer demand, to enforce meaningful change.


The "SteelCast" podcast by Tata Steel UK serves as a crucial platform for discussing the future of the steel industry in a green economy. The involvement of experts like Michael Lord adds invaluable insight into what lies ahead. This episode leaves listeners more informed and hopeful about the industry's capacity to evolve and adapt for a sustainable future.

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