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voestalpine AG, a key player in the metal forming industry, announces new leadership appointments that include bringing seasoned industry
Ricola Richter
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voestalpine AG, a key player in the metal forming industry, announces new leadership appointments that include bringing seasoned industry experts to its Management Board. This includes Richter, with diverse industry experience, and Hubert Gach, who will oversee the Automotive Components Business Unit. Both appointments come as the company reported $3.9 billion in revenue for the business year 2022/23.


voestalpine AG is making strategic changes at the helm, reflecting a thoughtful approach to leadership and operational management. Richter, an industry veteran with multifaceted experience ranging from energy to consumer goods, will be relocating from Singapore to Linz. Her operational expertise includes managing business units like pigments and additives, as well as superabsorbents. She has also been keenly involved in sustainability transformation and talent management during her stint in Asia.

Hubert Gach is another notable addition to the Management Board, taking charge of the Automotive Components Business Unit within the Metal Forming Division. Joining voestalpine in 2019, Gach led the Cold Stamping segment, which generated around $960 million in revenue and employed approximately 3,000 people. His leadership acumen has been honed through diverse roles, including in the automotive supply industry.

The Metal Forming Division, which Gach joins, is a critical arm of voestalpine, focusing on highly refined sections, tubes, and precision strip steel products. The division also specializes in creating ready-to-install system components. With its unique blend of material and processing expertise, it has become a preferred choice for European car manufacturers.

The Division reported a revenue of $3.9 billion for the business year 2022/23 with an operating result (EBITDA) of $450 million. These robust figures reflect the division's pivotal role within the larger organization and underline the importance of these recent leadership appointments.

Richter, with her extensive background, brings a layered understanding of various industries and will be crucial in optimizing voestalpine's value chains. She has completed her PhD in high-energy physics, further solidifying her capability to oversee complex operations and strategic planning.

On the other hand, Gach’s proven track record in automotive components adds another layer of expertise to the division. His leadership will be instrumental in expanding the Division's footprint, given his experience in steering sizable teams and substantial revenue streams.

The new leadership appointments in voestalpine AG are a strong indication of the company's commitment to strategic growth and operational excellence. With Richter and Hubert Gach on board, the company is well-positioned to build upon its recent successes and tackle the challenges ahead, especially in a competitive and ever-changing industry landscape.

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