Stelrad's Green Symphony: Radiating Sustainability with Tata Steel

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Leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad Radiators joins forces with Tata Steel to introduce the industry's first-ever 90% green steel radiator range. Utilizing Tata Steel's Carbon Lite steel, the Green Series offers a sustainable solution with 90% lower embodied CO2 emissions. Stelrad customers can now choose radiators that not only contribute to immediate CO2 reduction but also align with future decarbonization efforts. The Green Series, marked by a distinct badge and packaging, represents a leap towards greener manufacturing, reinforcing Stelrad's commitment to sustainability.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Stelrad Radiators, a prominent radiator manufacturer, partners with Tata Steel to unveil a revolutionary 90% green steel radiator range. This pioneering move marks a significant step towards sustainability within the industry, as Tata Steel exclusively supplies 90% Carbon Lite steel to Stelrad.

Tata Steel, a leading UK strip steel manufacturer with facilities in Port Talbot, South Wales, employs the Optemis Carbon Lite process to produce steel with 90% lower embodied CO2 emissions. Certified by DNV – Det Norske Veritas, the steel comes with a stamp of approval, validating its environmental credentials.

The revenues generated from this innovative steel production process are reinvested in additional projects, further reducing CO2 emissions and expediting decarbonization efforts in the UK.

Chris Harvey, Stelrad's Head of Marketing, expresses enthusiasm about this eco-friendly initiative: "This is an exciting step for us towards greener manufacturing, aligning perfectly with our Group's sustainability policy." The new Stelrad Green Series features 60 horizontal models from the Green Compact range, gaining positive responses from customers eager to integrate sustainable products into their homes and buildings.

Beyond reducing carbon emissions, the Green Series radiators take sustainability a step further by eliminating the use of plastic in outer packaging, making the entire product range 100% recyclable.

Each radiator in the Green Series will bear a distinctive 'Green Series' badge and a green packaging label, emphasizing their environmentally conscious identity. The radiators, accompanied by a new strapline – "Stelrad Green Series – Made with clean green steel," offer customers a tangible way to contribute to environmental conservation.

According to Harvey, the series rollout is scheduled from December 2023, with orders available from March 2024. Customers opting for the Green Series radiators are not only making an eco-friendly choice but are also contributing to significant CO2 savings, equivalent to driving a small car over 250 miles per radiator purchased.


Stelrad's collaboration with Tata Steel heralds a new era in sustainable radiator manufacturing. The introduction of the Green Series signifies a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing environmentally conscious practices. By offering radiators made from 90% green steel, Stelrad not only addresses immediate environmental concerns but also sets a precedent for the industry's future. This move empowers customers to make eco-friendly choices, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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