Strikes Shake Iran's Steel Industry: Workers Demand Justice

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Workers at Iran National Steel Industrial Group stage a prolonged strike, protesting against unfair treatment, restrictive policies, and unjust dismissals. Their demands include reinstating fired colleagues, fair wages matching neighboring companies, enforcing job classification laws, removing corrupt management, and involving workers in corporate decisions.


The Iran National Steel Industrial Group's workers launched a resolute strike, now extending into its third consecutive day. Their grievances stem from the management's decision to bar 21 workers from entering the premises and the failure to implement essential job classification regulations. The workers, dismayed by the company's unresponsive stance, seized control of the factory's entrance.

Their demands echo a call for justice and fairness within the company. They demand the immediate reversal of the restrictions imposed on the suspended employees and the reinstatement of former colleagues who were unjustly terminated. Additionally, they seek parity in wages compared to their counterparts in neighboring steel enterprises. They emphasize the urgent implementation of job classification laws, the ousting of corrupt leadership, and the removal of state interference, particularly the National Bank's involvement.

Videos from the striking workers' gathering in Ahvaz depict passionate chants asserting their determination: "We will not succumb to disgrace" and "Threats and imprisonment won't deter us."

The situation is symptomatic of deteriorating conditions for workers across Iran. Recent reports even highlighted suicide attempts by two petrochemical workers in Chovar due to worsening living standards, indicating the severity of the workers' plight.

Simultaneously, various other sectors join the chorus of discontent. The goldsmiths market in multiple cities and nurses in Tehran stage protests highlighting inadequate working conditions, low remuneration, and unfulfilled labor laws. Government retirees in several cities demand increased pensions, citing neglect of their lawful entitlements by the regime.

This collective discontent underscores broader societal issues. Pension funds, mandated to ensure retirees' well-being, face bankruptcy due to diversion of funds for the regime's agendas, leaving retired individuals in financial jeopardy.


The persistent strikes within Iran's steel industry reflect widespread dissatisfaction among workers across multiple sectors. Demands for fair treatment, just wages, and transparent governance resonate deeply. The workers' resolute stance showcases a collective resolve for justice and equity in the face of adversity. However, the situation also unveils systemic issues impacting various segments of Iranian society, indicating a broader need for reform and adherence to legal and ethical standards.

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