SULB's Sustainable Steel Partnership Soars

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Harsco Environmental, a division of Enviri Corporation, celebrates the successful renewal of a multi-year services contract with SULB Company, a leading manufacturer of diverse steel products in the Gulf Cooperation Council. This marks the third consecutive extension of their collaboration since 2012. The 5-year contract encompasses slag and scrap management, product handling, yard management, briquetting services, and slag processing, aligning with both companies' commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.



In a significant milestone for sustainable steel production, Harsco Environmental, a division of Enviri Corporation, proudly announces the successful renewal of a multi-year services contract with SULB Company. The Gulf Cooperation Council-based manufacturer, renowned for its diverse range of steel angles and beams, continues its long-standing partnership with Harsco Environmental, marking the third consecutive contract extension since their initial collaboration in 2012.

Under the renewed 5-year contract, Harsco Environmental will play a pivotal role in providing comprehensive services, including slag and scrap management, finished and semi-finished product handling, yard management, briquetting services, and efficient slag processing. These services not only contribute to the responsible management of by-products but also enable the recovery of valuable metallic elements and the utilization of slag for various applications.

Mauro Curi, President of Harsco Environmental, Global Mill Services, expresses delight in the contract renewal, emphasizing SULB's innovation in leveraging sustainable solutions to maximize environmental benefits. The renewal reflects the mutual trust and understanding developed through a long-term and meaningful working relationship.

Ravi Singh, CEO of SULB Company, highlights the shared values and aligned vision between SULB and Harsco Environmental, emphasizing their focus on people, safety, and sustainability. The renewal signifies SULB's trust in Harsco Environmental's consistent performance and dedication to maintaining high-quality, safety, and operating standards, especially in today's challenging environment.

The formal renewal, effective from January 1, 2024, solidifies the commitment of both entities to fostering sustainable practices in the steel industry. This collaboration stands as a testament to the enduring partnership built on shared values, environmental responsibility, and a joint commitment to advancing sustainable steel production.


In conclusion, the successful renewal of the multi-year services contract between Harsco Environmental and SULB Company exemplifies a commitment to sustainable steel production. The comprehensive range of services, from slag and scrap management to product handling and efficient slag processing, underscores the shared values of innovation, environmental responsibility, and commitment to excellence. As both companies navigate the evolving landscape of the steel industry, this renewed collaboration sets a benchmark for long-term partnerships focused on people, safety, and sustainability.

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