Sustainable Steel: Tata's Green Conference

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Tata Steel and the Indian Institute of Metals join forces for an International Conference on Green & Sustainable Ironmaking in Jamshedpur on January 17-18, 2024. The event tackles vital themes, including decarbonization in blast furnaces, waste utilization, and advancements in ironmaking technologies. Professionals, researchers, students, and environmental advocates will convene to explore strategies, share knowledge, and foster collaboration for a sustainable future in ironmaking.


In a collaborative effort, Tata Steel and the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) are set to host an International Conference on Green & Sustainable Ironmaking in Jamshedpur on January 17-18, 2024. This event emerges as a pivotal platform for industry professionals, researchers, students, and environmental advocates to delve into critical themes reshaping the landscape of ironmaking.

The conference's primary focus lies in addressing key challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of sustainable ironmaking. Among the core themes to be explored, decarbonization strategies within blast furnace operations take center stage. The industry is increasingly grappling with the imperative to reduce carbon emissions, and this conference provides a forum to deliberate on effective strategies and solutions.

Waste utilization represents another critical dimension to be examined during the event. Ironmaking processes generate substantial waste, and the conference aims to explore innovative ways to utilize process waste and lower-grade raw materials efficiently. This aligns with the broader industry shift towards circular economy practices and sustainable resource management.

Advancements in Gas-based Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) technologies are poised to shape the future of ironmaking. The conference serves as a hub for technology suppliers, designers, and researchers to discuss and showcase the latest breakthroughs in these areas. Carbon capture and utilization methodologies, crucial for mitigating the environmental impact of ironmaking, will also be under scrutiny.

Looking ahead, the conference explores the future outlook for ironmaking, considering innovative approaches for carbon abatement in coal-based DRI/HBI processes. Ironmaking process optimization and control, a critical aspect of enhancing efficiency and reducing environmental footprint, will be a key topic. The event goes beyond traditional practices, exploring alternatives to fossil fuels and integrating digital interventions into ironmaking methodologies.

The gathering anticipates contributions from acclaimed industry experts who will share insights, best practices, and research findings. The collaborative nature of the conference fosters an environment for knowledge-sharing and networking, emphasizing the collective responsibility of the industry towards environmental sustainability.


The International Conference on Green & Sustainable Ironmaking stands as a testament to Tata Steel's commitment to advancing environmentally conscious practices in the steel industry. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, from industry veterans to emerging talents, the conference becomes a melting pot of ideas and solutions. As the ironmaking landscape undergoes transformation, propelled by the urgent need for sustainability, this collaborative effort sets the stage for shared learning and collective action.

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