Sustainable Synergy: Severstal's Environmental Pact

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Severstal, the Russian steel giant, forges a groundbreaking alliance with Belgorod's governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov. The collaboration focuses on advancing the Yakovlevskiy mining and processing plant, aiming to boost iron ore production to 5 million metric tons by 2026. Severstal's commitment includes facility development, equipment upgrades, and implementing an integrated wastewater treatment system by 2027, reflecting a dedication to environmental stewardship. This pact underscores Severstal's dynamic growth at Yakovlevskiy GOK since 2017, doubling workforce and achieving a fourfold increase in ore production.



In a landmark partnership, Severstal, a major player in the Russian steel industry, has joined forces with Belgorod's governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov. This strategic collaboration is poised to reshape the local mining landscape and set new benchmarks in environmental protection.

A cornerstone of this alliance is the concerted effort to elevate the Yakovlevskiy mining and processing plant (Yakovlevskiy GOK) to greater heights. Both parties are committed to expanding its iron ore production capacity to an impressive 5 million metric tons by the year 2026.

Severstal's role in this transformative venture encompasses multifaceted initiatives. The company plans to construct new facilities, upgrade crucial equipment, and undertake the replacement of the lifting drum. This multifaceted approach aims to enhance efficiency, output, and the overall operational capacity of Yakovlevskiy GOK.

One of the pivotal aspects of Severstal's commitment to environmental sustainability is the installation of an integrated mine wastewater treatment system. Slated for completion by 2027, this system is designed to significantly reduce water contamination and fortify environmental protection measures in the region.

Alexander Shevelev, the CEO of Severstal, expressed enthusiasm about the unique potential of Yakovlevskiy GOK. Since the plant's integration into Severstal in 2017, the company has achieved remarkable milestones. Ore production has surged nearly fourfold, escalating from 878,000 metric tons in 2017 to an impressive 3 million metric tons in 2023. The workforce has doubled, and substantial modernization efforts have been implemented across various workshops.

Mr. Shevelev emphasized the unparalleled growth rates witnessed in the country's iron ore industry during 2017-2023. Severstal's steadfast commitment is evident through substantial investments, exceeding RUB 29 billion during this period. Looking ahead, the 2024 investment program is slated to surpass RUB 6.6 billion, underscoring the ongoing commitment to Yakovlevskiy GOK's development.

The signed agreements highlight a shared vision between Severstal and the regional government. The focus extends beyond production metrics, emphasizing effective collaboration, environmental stewardship, and sustaining Severstal's status as a reliable employer in the foreseeable future.


Severstal's collaboration with Belgorod's governor heralds a new era of sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. The ambitious plans for Yakovlevskiy GOK underscore Severstal's commitment to advancing not only its operational capacities but also its role as a responsible corporate citizen. As the company continues to invest substantially in the plant's development, the signed agreements solidify a lasting partnership that prioritizes regional collaboration, environmental protection, and the welfare of the workforce. Severstal's trajectory at Yakovlevskiy GOK exemplifies a harmonious blend of industrial progress and ecological mindfulness.

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