Swansea Research for Using Waste Heat from Tata Steel Port Talbot
Swansea University

Swansea Research for Using Waste Heat from Tata Steel Port Talbot

A new project involving Swansea University researchers and Tata Steel will investigate the potential for recovering waste heat from industry so it can be

re-used. Heavy industries can release up to half of their consumed energy as waste heat. The heat generated by the Port Talbot steelworks is equivalent to the heating demand of 500,000 homes; capturing and re-using it would offset more than a million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. The project will focus on a thermochemical heat storage material developed by Swansea University’s SPECIFIC Innovation & Knowledge Centre. Researchers will look at whether this material can be used to capture, store and release waste heat from Port Talbot steelworks. They will be exploring the technical, economic and environmental potential. The 24 month project is called Mobile Energy Storage as Heat.

The project has been awarded GBP 250,000 funding from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and FLEXISApp, a partnership between the Universities of Swansea, Cardiff and South Wales, industry and government which aims to develop innovative energy technologies. A further GBP 50,000 will be provided in match funding from the project partners.

FLEXISApp is able to part fund the commercial development of technologies that focus on industrial decarbonisation and greenhouse gas reduction.

With the additional funding and resources from FLEXISApp this partnership can be developed further, to drive forward the creation of new green technology and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from industry.”

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