Swiss Steel: EcoSteel Accord: Pioneering Green Steel Alliance

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In a groundbreaking move, a transformative partnership unfolds for Green Steel, aligning with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Swiss Steel Group, renowned for its expertise in the electric steel process and eco-friendly practices, forms a deepened collaboration. Fueled by a shared vision for a greener future, this alliance emerges from a joint venture in the hydraulics sector with a leading German OEM. Effective January 2024, exclusive procurement of the innovative Green Steel Climate+ from the Swiss Steel Group marks a pivotal stride, producing steel solely with renewable energy.



In the pursuit of a sustainable and environmentally conscious journey, a groundbreaking alliance has taken root in the realm of steel production. The Swiss Steel Group, recognized for its proficiency in the electric steel process and strategic use of steel scrap, embarks on a transformative collaboration. This partnership gains momentum following a joint workshop focused on a hydraulics project alongside a prominent German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The core of this alliance is a shared commitment to minimizing the ecological footprint, particularly in Scope 3, which encompasses purchased materials. The Swiss Steel Group, propelled by a forward-thinking transformation strategy, is at the forefront of efficient steel scrap utilization and the targeted deployment of low-CO2 electricity. This ethos aligns seamlessly with the overarching goal of fostering sustainability along the entire supply chain.

The genesis of this deeper collaboration can be traced back to a joint workshop, where discussions on a hydraulics project laid the foundation for a strategic alliance. Recognizing the potential for collective impact, both entities committed to an exclusive arrangement, paving the way for the procurement of Green Steel Climate+ from the Swiss Steel Group, effective January 2024.

Green Steel Climate+ stands as a testament to innovation and environmental stewardship. This special steel variant is uniquely crafted using electricity sourced solely from renewable energies. It represents a paradigm shift in steel production, emphasizing a departure from conventional methods towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

As industries globally grapple with the imperative of reducing carbon footprints, this collaboration emerges as a beacon of progress. The alliance not only underscores the commitment to sustainable practices but also positions both entities as leaders in the pursuit of environmentally responsible steel production.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond individual entities; it contributes to a collective effort to reshape industry practices. By exclusively sourcing Green Steel Climate+, the Swiss Steel Group and its collaborators are setting a new standard for responsible and forward-thinking steel production.


In the journey toward a sustainable future, the alliance between the Swiss Steel Group and its partners marks a defining moment for the steel industry. The commitment to exclusively procure Green Steel Climate+, produced with renewable energy, is a testament to their dedication to environmental responsibility. As the world pivots towards greener practices, this collaboration positions both entities at the forefront of eco-friendly steel production. It's not just a partnership; it's a stride towards reshaping the narrative of steel manufacturing, championing innovation, and embracing a future where sustainability is paramount.

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