Swiss Steel's Strategic Evolution Amid Industry Challenges

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Swiss Steel Group addresses recent media speculations, asserting its commitment to strategic restructuring in a challenging steel industry landscape. Implementing a comprehensive strategy, the company focuses on core business consolidation and evaluates the future viability of certain segments. Amid rumors, Swiss Steel Group clarifies its ongoing restructuring program, including the planned sale of parts of Ascometal in France. The statement dispels concerns, emphasizing that current financing remains secure until spring 2025, with a reaffirmation of their rejection of media rumors.


In recent days, various media reports have stirred speculation about the trajectory of Swiss Steel Group, sparking rumors about its current business situation. To provide clarity amidst the circulating uncertainties, Swiss Steel Group issues a summarized statement, shedding light on its strategic direction and addressing the ongoing challenges within the steel industry.

The steel sector, globally navigating a demanding environment, has naturally impacted Swiss Steel Group. However, the company asserts that it is actively executing its comprehensive strategy and restructuring program, a journey initiated and outlined in a press release on September 18, 2023. The ongoing efforts are progressing as planned, with a pivotal focus on consolidating the core business.

As part of its strategic roadmap, Swiss Steel Group is meticulously reviewing aspects of the company to assess their future viability. A crucial step in this process is the planned sale, as announced in a press release on December 20, 2023, of certain parts of Ascometal in France. This move aligns with the broader strategy program, emphasizing the company's commitment to a streamlined and resilient business model.

Looking ahead, Swiss Steel Group emphasizes that its current loans are set to mature in spring 2025, and the routine refinancing process, typically initiated a year in advance, is well within the company's timeline. The statement reassures stakeholders that the financing remains secure until further notice, with a promise to provide additional information in due course.

Amid the media-generated rumors, Swiss Steel Group takes a formal stance, categorically rejecting the speculative narratives circulating in various reports. The company's commitment to transparency and its ongoing strategic initiatives underscores a proactive approach to navigate the complexities of the steel industry.


Swiss Steel Group's statement serves as a robust affirmation of its strategic resilience amidst the challenges faced by the broader steel industry. By addressing media speculations and offering a concise overview of its ongoing restructuring efforts, the company aims to dispel uncertainties. The planned sale of segments aligns with a forward-thinking strategy, emphasizing adaptability and core business strength. With financing secured until spring 2025, Swiss Steel Group affirms its commitment to weathering industry dynamics while rejecting unfounded rumors.

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