Symbiotic Steel: ArcelorMittal & Schneider's Green Alliance

SEImage Source: Schneider Electric


ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric join forces in a groundbreaking collaboration in November 2023. The global steel leader, ArcelorMittal, will supply Schneider Electric with XCarb®, a renewably produced, recycled steel, for electrical cabinets. Manufactured at ArcelorMittal's Sestao facility in Spain, XCarb® significantly reduces CO₂ emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future. Schneider Electric plans to utilize this eco-friendly steel in the construction of PanelSeT SFN storages, emphasizing their commitment to low-carbon practices.


In a significant stride towards sustainability, ArcelorMittal, a prominent name in the steel and mining industry, and Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management and automation, unveil a pioneering collaboration. The partnership revolves around ArcelorMittal supplying Schneider Electric with XCarb®, a recycled and renewably produced steel, for the creation of eco-friendly electrical cabinets.

XCarb®, crafted at ArcelorMittal's cutting-edge facility in Sestao, Spain, is a testament to innovation in the steel industry. Produced in an electric arc furnace powered entirely by renewable electricity, this steel boasts a very high proportion of recycled content. The result? CO₂ emissions slashed by approximately 70% compared to traditional steel production methods.

Schneider Electric, a company deeply committed to sustainability, plans to incorporate XCarb® in the manufacturing of PanelSeT SFN storages. These storage units play a crucial role in safeguarding large electrical panels for industrial automation, power distribution, and electronics applications. The enclosures, designed for robust performance in challenging environments, feature XCarb® steel coated with Magnelis®, ensuring high corrosion protection.

The collaboration emerges as a result of months of joint efforts and technical collaboration between ArcelorMittal's Steel Service Centre in Europe and Schneider Electric. The focus was on identifying the right steel grade and coating for the project, emphasizing the meticulous approach taken to align sustainability goals.

Schneider Electric, with sustainability at its core, has been proactively moving towards low-carbon practices. This aligns with their recent announcement about a new roll forming workshop in Alsace, France, dedicated to preparing parts for low-carbon steel enclosures. The steel for these enclosures is sourced from ArcelorMittal Steel Services' Central Europe division.

Olga Garcia, Vice President of Schneider Electric's Industrial Automation division, emphasizes the power of partnerships in achieving zero carbon emissions. Cédric Bouzar, CEO of ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions, expresses pride in the collaboration, lauding Schneider Electric's leadership in sustainability.


The alliance between ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric marks a pivotal moment in sustainable industrial practices. The utilization of XCarb®, a recycled and renewably produced steel, in Schneider Electric's PanelSeT SFN storages highlights a joint commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions. As both companies forge ahead in their sustainability endeavors, this collaboration stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnerships in shaping a greener, more eco-conscious future.

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