Synthetic Fuels: A Green Transition

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thyssenkrupp Uhde secures a contract from ENOWA for a pioneering green methanol and methanol-to-gasoline plant in Saudi Arabia. Utilizing innovative technologies, the plant will produce sustainable fuels to lower CO₂ emissions, supporting the shift towards renewable energy and advancing climate-friendly chemical production.


The push for sustainable energy has made significant strides with thyssenkrupp Uhde's latest project. Awarded by ENOWA, the energy and water company of NEOM, thyssenkrupp Uhde is set to engineer a trailblazing plant. This facility will convert CO₂ to methanol and methanol to gasoline, marking a substantial leap in green fuel technology.

Located at ENOWA's Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center in Saudi Arabia, this demonstration plant stands as a joint venture with Aramco. It's a symbol of progress, capable of producing 12 metric tons of methanol and 35 barrels of gasoline each day. What makes this particularly noteworthy is the use of the uhde® green methanol process, a leap forward in climate-friendly production.

Methanol has diverse applications, serving as an energy carrier, hydrogen carrier, and a viable transport fuel. Beyond its role in energy, it can store electricity from renewables, and as a raw material, it supports a climate-friendly chemical industry. This wide array of uses covers everything from construction materials to pharmaceuticals, showcasing methanol's versatility.

Dr. Cord Landsmann, CEO of thyssenkrupp Uhde, expresses pride in NEOM's selection of their advanced green methanol process and expertise. This project stands as testimony to thyssenkrupp Uhde's role in driving the green transformation. Meanwhile, Dr. Guido Daniel highlights this as a significant moment for climate protection, as it serves as the inaugural reference for the uhde® green methanol process.

Roland Kaeppner of ENOWA has emphasized the value of their technology partnership with thyssenkrupp Uhde. The plant, integral to their Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center, will produce e-Methanol and e-Gasoline by the end of 2025. These will find uses in various sectors, including motorsports and off-grid energy, and as part of the hydrogen transportation network.

The uhde® green methanol technology represents a potent tool for reducing emissions. By converting renewable energy and captured carbon dioxide into a variety of products, it's possible to slash CO₂ emissions substantially. Its flexibility suits both small, decentralized plants and large-scale production facilities.

About ENOWA and NEOM: ENOWA emerges as a beacon of sustainability, producing and delivering clean resources smartly and sustainably, leveraging NEOM's ideal solar and wind conditions. NEOM itself is envisioned as a cradle of human progress and a prototype of future livability and innovation.

About thyssenkrupp Uhde: With a wealth of global experience, thyssenkrupp Uhde champions the engineering of chemical plants. Pioneering sustainable processes and products, they pave the way for a greener chemical industry and contribute to the green hydrogen and sustainable chemicals value chains.


The collaboration between thyssenkrupp Uhde and ENOWA signifies more than just a business contract; it represents a collective step towards a greener future. By converting carbon emissions into sustainable fuel, this project promises to be a cornerstone in the journey towards a more eco-conscious world.

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