Taiyuan: Groundbreaking Steel: 31mm Thickness Achievement

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Taiyuan Iron & Steel forges ahead in steel production, debuting 31mm thick high-strength construction hot-rolled coils, a milestone setting new domestic standards and demonstrating technological prowess.


In a notable feat, Taiyuan Iron & Steel's hot-rolling mill, leveraging technological innovation, has successfully rolled the nation's inaugural 31mm thick high-strength construction hot-rolled coils. Rigorous evaluations confirmed its adherence to construction steel specifications, marking an advancement aligning with the trend toward thicker steel coils in structural steel for pipe-making.

Amidst challenging market dynamics, Taiyuan Iron & Steel's hot-rolling mill, inspired by President Xi Jinping's insightful visit, centers on three critical elements: cost, efficiency, and vitality. The development of high-strength, extra-thick hot-rolled coils addresses substantial market demand and considerable production complexities, positioning itself as a pioneering achievement without precedent domestically.

The venture into the uncharted waters of producing 31mm thick hot-rolled coils demanded strategic innovation and concerted efforts. Taiyuan Iron & Steel's collective determination and innovative endeavors conquered technological barriers, swiftly claiming a stake in this niche market segment and bolstering their edge in high-quality development.

An exhaustive commitment to market-driven innovation and an astute focus on the differentiated development of 31mm hot-rolled coils shaped their business strategy. The establishment of a specialized technical task force under the leadership, relentless in transforming infeasible into achievable, facilitated breakthroughs in thickness limitations and other critical challenges, ultimately realizing the debut of the 31mm thick high-strength construction hot-rolled coils, a benchmark in domestic steel production.

Taiyuan Iron & Steel continues to foster an environment conducive to employee innovation, leveraging their dedication to invigorate employee motivation and zeal. This urgency drives a meticulous approach to production, further contributing to the high-quality development of the group.


Taiyuan Iron & Steel's groundbreaking achievement of producing 31mm thick high-strength construction hot-rolled coils exemplifies a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. This technological feat not only sets new domestic standards but also underlines the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of steel production.

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