Tangshan Donghua: Triadic Caster: Pioneering Steel Efficiency

Tangshan Donghua
Tangshan DonghuaImage Source: Primetals


Primetals Technologies has launched the first 3-strand continuous slab caster at Tangshan Donghua in China. It offers higher production in half the space compared to traditional casters and promises significant capital and operational cost savings.


A groundbreaking development in steel manufacturing has been unveiled at Tangshan Donghua in China. September 2023 saw the inauguration of the world's first 3-strand continuous slab caster, a project spearheaded by Primetals Technologies. This innovative machine is a game-changer, standing out as one of six casters launched that month.

The 3-strand caster is a marvel of efficiency and design. Compared to the conventional setup of two 2-strand casters, it occupies 50% less space and still manages to achieve a substantially higher production capacity. This compact design translates into significant cost savings, both in terms of capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX), as it requires less equipment and civil work, and the operational costs, including maintenance, are markedly reduced.

The technology behind the 3-strand caster is truly advanced. It features a custom-built tundish that's noted for its robustness and capacity to optimize the flow of molten steel. The Smart Molds used are straight cassette-type, enhancing the primary solidification process of the steel strand. Additionally, the DynaFlex hydraulic oscillator is capable of tailoring mold-oscillation parameters to the steel's composition, enhancing the quality of the slab surface.

Secondary cooling is another aspect where the 3-strand caster excels. The DynaJet spray cooling system ensures a uniform temperature distribution, critical for preventing corner cracks, especially in advanced steel grades.

The caster is also equipped with a comprehensive automation package. This includes dynamic secondary cooling and soft reduction packages such as DynaPhase, Dynacs 3D, and DynaGap Soft Reduction 3D, which optimize the casting process by accounting for various parameters. These systems are supported by Level 2 packages that allow for offline simulation to develop new casting techniques. Additional systems like LevCon and Mold Expert offer automatic mold-level control and real-time digital monitoring to prevent breakouts.

Tangshan Donghua, founded in 2009, is one of China’s top 500 enterprises with a broad business scope in the steel industry. Their partnership with Primetals Technologies dates back to 2017, focusing on metallurgical services and maintenance for casting machines.

Key Technical Details:

The caster has a radius of 8 meters and a metallurgical length of 40 meters.

It can produce slabs with a thickness of 210 millimeters and a width ranging from 750 to 1,100 millimeters.

The casting speed can reach up to 2.5 meters per minute.

Several expert systems like Nozzle Expert, Quality Expert, Speed Expert, and Yield Expert are implemented to enhance the casting process and product quality.


The operational launch of the 3-strand slab caster at Tangshan Donghua marks a significant milestone in steel production technology. This breakthrough not only paves the way for more space and cost-efficient steel casting but also sets a new standard in operational excellence. As the steel industry continues to evolve, such innovations underscore the commitment to progress and efficiency.

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