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Tata Steel Ltd emerged victorious against the revenue department's Rs 100 crore transfer pricing claim and other disallowance assertions, as ruled by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. The Tribunal upheld Tata Steel's stance against disallowances on interest for non-convertible debentures and provisions for leave encashment. The disputed transfer pricing adjustment on electricity from the captive power plant was also dismissed.


In a significant legal victory, Tata Steel Ltd secured a favorable ruling from the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal against the revenue department's substantial Rs 100 crore transfer pricing claim. The Tribunal, chaired by Amit Shukla and Padmavathy S, also dismissed various other contentious disallowance claims imposed on the steel giant.

One of the contested claims pertained to the Transfer Pricing Officer's attempt to adjust the market rate paid for electricity supplied by Tata Steel's captive power plant. The tribunal's ruling rejected this adjustment, providing substantial relief to Tata Steel in this regard.

Additionally, the assessing officer's decision to disallow the deduction of interest paid on non-convertible debentures, treating them as equity rather than borrowings, was overturned by the tribunal. The tribunal's disagreement with the assessing officer's position was bolstered by the certified amount of around Rs 324 crore, validated by the auditor.

The favorable ruling from the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal marks a significant win for Tata Steel, validating their contentions against multiple claims made by the revenue department. This outcome showcases the successful defense of Tata Steel's financial positions, including challenges related to interest on debentures and provisions for leave encashment.

The tribunal's decision underscores the importance of rigorous auditing and substantiated financial certifications in defending against contentious tax claims, ensuring fair treatment of financial transactions within the ambit of tax assessments.


Tata Steel's triumph in the legal battle against the revenue department's transfer pricing claim and other disallowances, validated by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, stands as a testament to the company's meticulous financial substantiation. This ruling reaffirms the significance of robust auditing and certified financial declarations in safeguarding against tax-related disputes.

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