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Tata Steel has received the Safety and Health Excellence Recognition for 2023 from the World Steel Association. The award acknowledges Tata Steel's innovation in real-time visualization of risk movement, a key part of its recently implemented Process Safety Management system.


Tata Steel has been honored by the World Steel Association with the Safety and Health Excellence Recognition for 2023. This award celebrates the company's recent advancements in real-time visualization of risk movement as part of its Process Safety Management.

Rajiv Mangal, the Vice President of Safety, Health & Sustainability at Tata Steel, emphasized the company's commitment to safety. "We are proactive about the safety of our employees and assets," he said. The firm has utilized digital technology to enhance timely maintenance of Process Safety Critical Equipment, thus reducing equipment failure.

The company has also established a Process Safety School of Excellence. This three-tier system aims to develop skills at the learner, practitioner, and expert levels. The initiative is designed to enhance the process safety competency of employees across all locations.

This newly implemented safety protocol helps identify all high-potential safety risk scenarios. It works within a framework that aims to prevent and mitigate these situations, contributing to a safer work environment.

Real-time visualization plays a critical role in this system. Utilizing modern technology and digital tools, it allows for the early detection of failure indications in safety barriers within hazardous processes.

Mangal expressed delight at the recognition from the World Steel Association. "This recognition fortifies our decade-long efforts in building a world-class digital framework to ensure the readiness of our plants, processes, and people for steel manufacturing," he stated.

The award from the World Steel Association validates Tata Steel's efforts in advancing safety measures, not just for its employees but for the entire steel-making industry. It serves as a model for other companies in adopting proactive safety measures.


Tata Steel's receipt of the Safety and Health Excellence Recognition from the World Steel Association is a significant milestone. It underlines the company's focus on employee safety and asset protection through innovation and digital technology. As industries worldwide look to adopt best practices, Tata Steel sets a commendable example.

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