Tenaris: Elevating the US OCTG Scene

US OCTGImage Source: Tenaris


Tenaris US President, Luca Zanotti, spearheads the newly formed US OCTG Manufacturers Association, USOMA, aimed at fortifying domestic OCTG production. Zanotti champions a shift toward bolstering the American energy sector's security by advocating for a robust domestic OCTG industry, reducing foreign import dependency, and generating high-quality jobs.


The United States' focus on fortifying its OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) industry has materialized in the establishment of the U.S. OCTG Manufacturers Association (USOMA), led by Tenaris US President, Luca Zanotti. The association, consisting of key players like Vallourec Star LP, Borusan Pipe US, PTC Liberty Tubulars, Welded Tube US, and Axis Pipe and Tube, aims to strengthen the domestic OCTG landscape.

Zanotti's vision for USOMA aligns with reinforcing national security through a resilient domestic energy production framework. Emphasizing the significance of local supply chains, Zanotti aims to create a robust U.S. OCTG sector to mitigate reliance on foreign imports, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and fostering high-paying job opportunities.

Collectively, the USOMA member companies operate 19 facilities across nine states, employing around 7,500 American workers and contributing significantly to about 75% of the OCTG production in the country.

The newly formed trade group intends to collaborate closely with the U.S. Administration to fortify the nation's energy industry, advocating for fair trade practices that support a thriving OCTG sector.


The inception of the U.S. OCTG Manufacturers Association underlines a concerted effort led by Tenaris US President Luca Zanotti to fortify the domestic OCTG industry in the United States. With an emphasis on reducing dependency on foreign imports and fostering a robust local OCTG ecosystem, the association aims to bolster national security, reduce carbon footprint, and stimulate high-quality employment opportunities in the American energy sector.

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