Tenaris Forges Belgian Hydrogen Backbone

Tenaris partners with Fluxys, supplying 500 metric tons of linepipes and advanced coating services for Belgium's pioneering Hydrogen


Tenaris partners with Fluxys, supplying 500 metric tons of linepipes and advanced coating services for Belgium's pioneering Hydrogen Backbone project. This initiative seeks to create a robust hydrogen network using existing gas infrastructure, aiming to transport hydrogen across the country, bolstering security and readiness for future hydrogen transport.



Tenaris, a key player in steel pipe solutions, collaborates with Fluxys in a groundbreaking endeavor, contributing 500 metric tons of linepipes alongside specialized coating services for Belgium's innovative Hydrogen Backbone initiative.

The Belgian Hydrogen Backbone project pioneers a strategic utilization of the nation's geographical positioning and existing gas infrastructure to establish a resilient hydrogen network. This network, comprising interconnected pipelines spanning the country and linking with neighboring networks, aims to facilitate the seamless transportation of hydrogen from production sites to consumption centers.

The project's success relied on addressing intricate technical aspects associated with hydrogen transportation, requiring collaborative efforts across various sectors. Simone Baietta, the Commercial Senior Director HPI, Distribution, and Fittings at Tenaris, emphasized their team's technical expertise, diverse solutions portfolio, and unwavering commitment instrumental in securing this pioneering H2-ready onshore project.

Tenaris' linepipes, equipped with the advanced One Line™ coating services, form a critical component supplied to Fluxys. These pipes, with three distinct coatings (3LPP, 3LPE, PEWA), integrate seamlessly into the innovative infrastructure.

This dual-purpose infrastructure, running alongside the existing natural gas lines, expands the network's capabilities, allowing Tenaris' pipes to facilitate the transition for hydrogen transport. The pipeline, deemed future-proof by Fluxys, stands ready for immediate hydrogen transport readiness, aligning with market developments and bolstering supply security for Belgium and adjacent nations.


Tenaris' collaboration with Fluxys in supplying linepipes and advanced coating services for the Belgian Hydrogen Backbone marks a milestone in advancing hydrogen transport infrastructure. The initiative not only enhances security but also establishes a future-ready network, contributing significantly to the hydrogen transport landscape.

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