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Tenaris elevates its sustainability efforts in China with a $1M investment in solar photovoltaic power generation, installing 2,246 panels covering 17,000 square meters at its Qingdao mill. Projected to annually produce 1.36 million kWh, this initiative aims to slash CO₂ emissions by around 850 metric tons, demonstrating Tenaris' commitment to renewable energy and carbon footprint reduction.


Tenaris, a global leader in steel manufacturing, takes a significant stride in its sustainability journey with a groundbreaking investment in solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation at its Qingdao facility in China. This initiative, backed by a $1M investment, involves the installation of 2,246 monocrystalline silicon PV panels across the OCTG and automotive component center, spanning 17,000 square meters.

With a remarkable capacity of 1.28 MW, the PV setup is projected to generate approximately 1.36 million kWh of clean electricity annually. This move is anticipated to substantially reduce CO₂ emissions by about 850 metric tons yearly, effectively replacing the carbon content of the local grid with eco-friendly energy harnessed from solar panels.

Highlighting the swift progress of the installation, Tenaris' Managing Director in Asia Pacific, Liu Jinghua Philix, lauds this venture as the company's maiden photovoltaic power generation project globally, surpassing the 1-megawatt capacity mark. Notably, it is also Qingdao's inaugural photovoltaic project with energy storage, setting a benchmark for similar future initiatives.

"This investment bolsters our stance in China as a leader not only in product innovation but also in reducing carbon footprints. It's a defining move for us," emphasizes Philix.

This step falls in line with Tenaris' broader strategy to champion energy efficiency globally, evident through various ventures such as wind farms in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company's commitment extends to a diverse product portfolio catering to low carbon energy needs, encompassing solutions for hydrogen storage, transportation, and geothermal applications.

The project's success underscores Tenaris' unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning with its mission to spearhead a greener, more sustainable future.


Tenaris' massive solar investment in Qingdao marks a paradigm shift in its sustainability efforts. By leveraging solar power, Tenaris showcases its dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy, aligning with its global commitment to environmental responsibility and a sustainable future.

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