Tenaris Triumphs: Bolivia's Breakthrough with DesertDoc Connector


In the Bolivian Tarija region, Tenaris celebrates a milestone with its TenarisHydril DesertDock™ weld-on connector. Deployed in an exploratory well, the 26” casing string achieved a flawless run, boasting zero rejects and rapid installation within a record 3.5 hours. The DesertDock™, designed for low-severity onshore wells, emerges as a cost-effective solution, showcasing its prowess with smooth assembly, high back-off resistance, and visual makeup reference.


In a groundbreaking feat in Bolivia's Tarija department, Tenaris elevates its reputation with the successful deployment of the TenarisHydril DesertDock™ weld-on connector. This innovation took center stage in an exploratory well, showcasing remarkable efficiency and reliability.

Designed specifically for low-severity onshore wells, the DesertDock™ connector proved its mettle with a flawless run of a 26” casing string. The operational advantages of the field-proven TenarisHydril BlueDock® connector are seamlessly integrated into the DesertDock™, providing a secure, robust, and user-friendly solution without the need for specialized installation tools.

The running operations in Tarija marked a significant achievement, completing the task within an impressive 3.5-hour timeframe with zero non-productive time. Notably, all twelve connectors were successfully made up on the first attempt, eliminating any rejects or re-makeups. This flawless performance, coupled with the support from Tenaris's field services team, set a new record for the customer's operations, achieving a remarkable rate of four joints per hour during installation.

Tomas Castiñeiras, Technical Sales Director for Central & South America at Tenaris, emphasized the DesertDock™ connector's cost-effectiveness in low-complexity onshore environments. Its proprietary design, characterized by multiple thread starts and few threads per inch, ensures a swift and smooth assembly process. The connector's capabilities proved to be an ideal fit for the demands of the exploratory well in Tarija, Bolivia.

The TenarisHydril DesertDock™ connector not only excels in performance but also offers practical advantages. With high back-off resistance and accelerated installation times, it streamlines makeup operations, eliminating the need for torque-turn graphs and special equipment. The connector's visual makeup reference becomes a valuable feature, significantly saving time at the rig and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Tenaris's triumph in Bolivia's Tarija region with the TenarisHydril DesertDock™ connector underscores a new era in onshore well operations. The flawless run of the 26” casing string, completed within a record 3.5 hours with zero rejects, attests to the connector's efficiency and reliability. The DesertDock™ not only proves its worth in low-severity onshore environments but also sets a new benchmark for rapid installation, showcasing its cost-effectiveness and practical advantages. With a visual makeup reference, high back-off resistance, and swift assembly, the DesertDock™ connector emerges as a game-changer in the exploration landscape.

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