Tenaris Ventures into Buenos Aires Wind Power

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Tenaris, a Techint group subsidiary, plans to invest $214 million in a second wind power plant in Olavarría, Buenos Aires. This 91.5-megawatt plant aims to be operational within two years, mirroring Tenaris' commitment to sustainable energy. Once fully operational, it will enable the Tenaris plant in Campana, Argentina, to rely entirely on renewable energy sources.


Tenaris, a prominent producer of seamless steel piping under the Techint group, has unveiled its ambitious investment plan of $214 million to construct a second wind power plant in Olavarría, located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This substantial venture seeks to harness renewable energy and bolster the region's sustainable power landscape.

The forthcoming plant is slated to yield 91.5 megawatts of power upon completion, with an estimated construction timeline spanning two years. This strategic investment signifies Tenaris' robust commitment to expanding its foothold in sustainable energy initiatives.

Once this new power plant reaches full operational capacity, it will play a pivotal role in facilitating the Tenaris plant situated in Campana, Argentina, to seamlessly transition to relying entirely on renewable energy sources. This significant shift aligns with Tenaris' steadfast dedication to fostering environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprints within its operations.

This strategic move follows closely on the heels of Tenaris's recent milestone—the inauguration of its first wind power plant in the province of Buenos Aires in November. With an impressive power output of 103.2 megawatts, this inaugural venture materialized through investments amounting to $203 million, marking Tenaris's initial strides into the realm of renewable energy.


Tenaris's investment of $214 million in a second wind power plant in Olavarría, Buenos Aires, signifies a concerted effort towards sustainable energy practices. This initiative underscores Tenaris's commitment to transitioning its operations, particularly the Campana plant, entirely to renewable energy sources. The move follows their successful launch of a similar plant in the same province, emphasizing their dedication to environmental sustainability.

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