Tenova and Tata Steel: Techno-Steel Collaboration

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Tenova secures a contract with Tata Steel Group in India for a Tinplate Coating Line and Tinplate Double Reduction Mill at the Jamshedpur plant. The cutting-edge technology aims for sustainable, efficient production, utilizing sulfuric acid for iron control, advanced coating systems, and innovative processes for ultra-light strip gauge and required hardness.


Tenova, known for sustainable solutions in the metals industry, has inked a significant deal with Tata Steel Group's Tinplate Company of India Ltd. This collaboration entails constructing a Tinplate Coating Line (TCL) and a Tinplate Double Reduction Mill (TDRM) at the Jamshedpur plant in Jharkhand, India.

The Tinplate Coating Line involves sophisticated technology incorporating an independent pre-tinning section utilizing sulfuric acid for iron control in the electrolyte solution. The cutting-edge design emphasizes advanced tinplate coating control, ensuring optimal strip coating quality and stability. The use of IGBT AFE rectifier technology not only ensures superior efficiency in tinplate coating but also minimizes electrical consumption, offering a sustainable edge.

Moreover, the Tinplate Coating Line boasts unparalleled process speed due to the innovative cut-to-edge tinplate coating design, significantly augmenting production capabilities.

Complementing the TCL, the Tinplate Double Reduction Mill plays a pivotal role in achieving an ultra-light strip gauge and the necessary hardness. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) cylinders, Automatic Flatness Control (AFC) system, Roughness Control System, and a dedicated Reduction Control for Double Reduced (DR) tin plate, this mill ensures precise and superior-quality outputs.

Giuseppe Zanzi, Tenova's Chief Representative Officer for South East Asia and Oceania, expressed pride in being chosen as Tata Group's technological partner, highlighting the sustainability and high production capacity their solutions bring.

Amitabh Nandi, Tenova Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director, highlighted the significance of Tata Steel's trust in their capabilities and expressed satisfaction in contributing to a more sustainable future for the steel industry.

This collaboration marks the third major project awarded to Tenova in the field of Tinplate Coating Line and Tinplate Double Reduction Mill, showcasing their extensive experience and reliability in this domain.


Tenova's strategic collaboration with Tata Steel marks a significant advancement in technological solutions for the steel industry. The integration of innovative processes and sustainable practices not only highlights their expertise but also underscores their commitment to fostering a more sustainable and efficient future for steel production worldwide.

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