Ternium's Environmental Eminence Earns Inea Acclaim

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Ternium, a steel industry leader, recently received accolades from Brazil's Inea for its transparent environmental practices. The recognition underscores Ternium's commitment to sustainable steel production, highlighted by ongoing projects like solar panels, wind farms, and water treatment pools. This article delves into the specifics of the recognition, emphasizing Ternium's dedication to transparency and environmental responsibility.


In a notable stride towards environmental stewardship, Ternium, a prominent player in the steel industry, has garnered recognition from Brazil's environmental regulatory authority Inea. The accolade, bestowed on January 11, applauds Ternium's unwavering commitment to transparency, professionalism, and community welfare. At the heart of this acknowledgment lies Ternium's proactive approach to environmental protection, with investments spanning solar panels, wind farms, and water treatment pools, all aimed at fostering sustainable steel production.

Particularly noteworthy is Ternium's distinction in Brazil, where the Inea recognized the company's transparency, marking it as a standout among a trio of enterprises. The award affirms Ternium's steadfast commitment to the communities and environments where it operates, as expressed by José Fonrouge, the Global Senior Sustainability Director.

Transparency, a fundamental value in Ternium's daily operations, finds expression in innovative initiatives. The Environmental Monitoring Center, equipped with real-time cameras transmitting images to Inea 24/7, exemplifies Ternium's dedication to transparency. Pedro Teixeira, Vice President Legal and Institutional Relations, elucidates the uniqueness of this endeavor, positioning Ternium as perhaps the sole Brazilian industrial entity employing such advanced environmental monitoring technology.

Pamela Reis, EHS Director, underscores the ongoing commitment to environmental and community well-being. She emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between the company, environmental oversight agencies, and local communities. The recognition from Inea serves as a resounding affirmation of Ternium's seriousness in addressing environmental concerns through innovation and continuous improvement.

The award ceremony, held at the Museum of Tomorrow, not only celebrated Inea's environmental preservation results but also recognized entities from various sectors, including public institutions, NGOs, researchers, and public servants. Pamela Reis, in reflecting on Ternium's singular recognition among steel companies, expresses pride in the company's dedication to a sustainable future.


In conclusion, Ternium's recent accolade from Inea in Brazil is a testament to its unwavering commitment to environmental transparency and responsibility. The recognition reinforces Ternium's dedication to sustainable steel production, with ongoing projects and a global commitment to reduce emissions intensity by 20% by 2030. Ternium's proactive efforts, from wind farms to electric vehicles, position it as a beacon of sustainability in the steel industry, showcasing a commitment to a greener and more responsible future.

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