Thyssenkrupp's Hydrogen Pipeline Vision

Miguel López
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Thyssenkrupp's CEO stresses the pivotal role of hydrogen pipelines, advocating connections from southern Europe to Germany, crucial for meeting surging hydrogen demand. Emphasizing partnerships with Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, López highlights the necessity for the Duisburg green steel plant to link with Germany's hydrogen network, essential for low-emission production and state funding compliance.


Thyssenkrupp's CEO, Miguel López, underscores the critical significance of constructing new hydrogen pipelines, asserting their strategic importance in catering to Germany's soaring hydrogen requirements. López accentuates the urgency of establishing robust connections between southern European countries like Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, vital for securing hydrogen supplies, especially crucial for local steel manufacturers transitioning towards low-emission production methods.

In addressing Germany's escalating hydrogen needs, Thyssenkrupp's visionary plans involve the incorporation of connections from the west and south of Europe, a pivotal strategy to meet the substantial hydrogen demand within the country. López specifically emphasizes the necessity of these pipelines for the company's new DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) plant, outlining the immense hydrogen needs associated with its operations.

While Thyssenkrupp's Duisburg green steel plant possesses the capability to operate on natural gas, López highlights the state-funding implications. Compliance with state funding mandates necessitates a significant usage of hydrogen; any deviation towards higher natural gas consumption would risk losing such privileges. López accentuates the pivotal role of the expanding hydrogen infrastructure, asserting its readiness as foundational to Germany's hydrogen economy's successful promotion.

Additionally, Thyssenkrupp's global agenda involves seeking energy partnerships worldwide, especially within the Iberian and Arabian Peninsulas and the southern United States. These alliances are critical in advancing and broadening hydrogen practices, aligning with the company's visionary hydrogen initiatives.


Thyssenkrupp's CEO, Miguel López, champions the necessity of establishing hydrogen pipelines, essential for meeting Germany's escalating hydrogen needs. Stressing connections from southern Europe, including Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, López highlights their critical role in supporting local steel manufacturers transitioning to low-emission methods. The company's emphasis on utilizing hydrogen aligns with state-funding mandates, emphasizing the urgency to expand the hydrogen infrastructure for Germany's hydrogen economy's successful growth.

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