Tinplate: Indonesia Upholds Anti-Dumping Duties

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The Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee solidifies its stance on tinplate coil/sheet imports from China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Retaining anti-dumping duties between 4.4% to 7.9%, KADI's final decision follows the earlier official announcement, aiming to curb unfair trade practices in the steel industry. The duties, applicable for five years, impact rolled steel products coated with tin, aligning with specific HS codes.


The Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee (KADI) concludes its second anti-dumping (AD) sunset review on tinplate coil/sheet imports from China, Taiwan, and South Korea. The decision maintains anti-dumping duties initially set in official announcement No. 214/PMK.010/2018, ranging from 4.4% to 7.9%, aimed at regulating trade fairness in steel imports.

The subject products encompass rolled steel, plated or coated with tin, with a width exceeding 600 mm and a thickness below 0.5 mm, classified under HS codes 7210.12.10 and 7210.12.90.

The continuity of these anti-dumping measures underscores KADI's efforts to protect the domestic steel industry against unfair trade practices, ensuring a level playing field for local manufacturers.

The established AD duties, spanning five years, seek to address concerns regarding the impact of imported tinplate coil/sheet products on Indonesia's steel market. By imposing these duties, KADI aims to safeguard the interests of local steel producers against unfair competition from overseas suppliers.

The decision aligns with international trade regulations aiming to maintain fair competition, prevent market distortion, and promote a healthy domestic steel industry.


KADI's decision to uphold anti-dumping duties on tinplate coil/sheet imports from China, Taiwan, and South Korea for five years reflects its commitment to maintaining fair trade practices and safeguarding the interests of Indonesia's steel industry. By regulating imports and curbing unfair competition, these measures aim to foster a level playing field for domestic steel manufacturers.

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