Tinplate's Annealing Leap with John Cockerill

TCILImage Source: John Cockerill


The Tinplate Company of India has chosen John Cockerill to supply a new Continuous Annealing Line at its Jamshedpur plant. This modernization will boost its production of high-quality tinplate, serving both domestic and international markets, and is a step towards sustainable growth.


The Tinplate Company of India (TCIL), a distinguished member of the Tata Steel family, has made a strategic move to enhance its production capabilities. It has entrusted John Cockerill, a company known for its technological prowess, with the installation of a Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) at TCIL's Jamshedpur facility in Jharkhand. This addition is set to augment the already robust Cold Rolling Mills, Electrolytic Tinning Lines, and Printing & Lacquering operations at the plant.

The implementation of the CAL stands as a significant upgrade for TCIL. It is poised to bolster the company's capacity to produce tinplate, a material integral to packaging applications across various industries. The demand for high-quality tinplate is on the rise, driven by the consumer and environmental necessity for sustainable packaging solutions. TCIL, by enhancing its infrastructure, aims to better cater to this increasing demand, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the tinplate market.

John Cockerill's responsibilities in this project encompass the comprehensive design, engineering, production, and delivery of the necessary equipment. Moreover, they will oversee the erection of the CAL, ensuring that the project aligns with the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. This not only demonstrates John Cockerill's commitment to delivering exceptional service but also underlines TCIL's dedication to investing in state-of-the-art technology.

The anticipated output of the new line is impressive, with a production target of 330,000 metric tons of premium, annealed tinplate sheet yearly. Such capacity expansion is crucial for TCIL as it continues to meet and exceed the requirements of its clientele in both local and global markets. The strategic investment also places TCIL at the forefront of the tinplate industry, equipped to deliver value-added products that are increasingly sought after by consumers.

This venture is more than just a commercial enhancement; it is a stride towards environmental responsibility. The upgraded CAL will operate with greater energy efficiency and a lower environmental footprint, which is in line with global sustainability goals. This alignment with eco-friendly practices reflects TCIL's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining high-quality production standards.


TCIL's collaboration with John Cockerill marks a momentous step in its journey towards technological advancement and market leadership. By investing in a Continuous Annealing Line, TCIL not only amplifies its manufacturing capacity but also demonstrates its resolve to pursue sustainable industrial growth. With this development, TCIL is set to meet future market demands with greater efficiency and a firm commitment to quality and sustainability.

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